Star Wars: Assault Team Cheats And Tips

The latest Star Wars mobile game is finally here! Assault Team is a turn-based card action game, where you'll shuffle your team and battle all sorts of enemies, from Stormtroopers to different beasts. Along the way, you'll power up and unlock new abilities, and maybe even face the infamous Darth Vader!

Here are some tips that'll help you take charge of the galaxy.

How does the combat work in Star Wars: Assault Team?

The game is turn-based. When you face off against enemies, they'll take a shot at you, and then you'll return the favor. There's a four-person squad, so you'll want to use abilities helpful to the team, not just solo players.

For example, Chewbacca can let out a Wookie yell where enemies will attack him for a short amount of time, which will help his teammates recover and gain enough strength to even the odds.

How do special abilities work in Star Wars: Assault Team?

Special abilities unlock as you level up a character. When you first begin, you'll have a first ability, which usually depends on the character's traits. For instance, Han Solo has a Lucky Shot technique that can hit an enemy for a significant amount of damage.

As you increase your level by training characters and abilities, you'll unlock a second power-up, such as Han Solo's Blaster (for 25 percent increased damage). These will refill over time during your battles, so use them when they matter the most.

How do I change characters in Star Wars: Assault Team?

Visit the Edit Team tab on the main page and remove and add players depending on who you want. Your best bet is to keep at least a pair of power players on your squad, like Luke Skywalker or Han Solo, if you want to be effective in battle.

What do Hero Crates do in Star Wars: Assault Team?

Hero crates provide you with additional cards, including extra characters and training capabilities, as well as occasional special weapons. These cost a good amount of coins, so save up and try to go for the Silver and Gold crates, which have better items overall.

How does the Arena mode work in Star Wars: Assault Team?

In the Arena, you can battle against fellow players and other enemies by spending a few of your energy points. Doing this can earn you awards, as well as the option to buy Arena Crates for bonus goodies. However, you'll need to reach Rank 3 before taking part in this mode.

How do the Special Missions work in Star Wars: Assault Team?

Special missions offer bonus coins and collectible cards to choose from, though they're only available for a limited time. Shop through the Promotion and Training Missions to see what's available.

How do I unlock new missions in Star Wars: Assault Team?

Beat campaigns to unlock new missions. They can be a bit tough, but with the right team, you should prevail.

What are the best characters in Star Wars: Assault Team?

This all depends on what kind of assault tactics you have in mind. Some characters are great when it comes to melee attacks, including Luke Skywalker with his lightsaber and the Pouncing Katarn with his Lunge and Bite attacks. Yes, you can use enemy characters in the game - including Sand People.
However, if you really want to thrive, you'll find a capable mix of both melee and ranged attackers. Han Solo, Princess Leia and members of Solo's commando unit are good to have on hand.

Don't forget about unlikely characters as well. While C-3PO may not look intimidating, his electrical shock damages certain enemies. Use him when you want to try something different with your team.

How do I balance my squad in Star Wars: Assault Team?

As we mentioned before, it's nice to find a combination of skills. The Pouncing Katarn combined with the Gotal Sentry and Solo, for example, can do a lot of damage to foes, provided that you consistently keep them trained in armor and combat training, which you can do by picking up cards scattered throughout in chests, and earn these at the conclusion of missions.

You'll see just how important balance is in the opening missions as you unlock more of Solo's squad. As more join up, you can mix and match to see who works most effectively for you. Whatever you do, don't pass up Skywalker. He's a powerhouse...even when paired with C-3PO.

Do I need to pay for anything in Star Wars: Assault Team?

The game is generally free-to-play, but you'll need to spend energy in order to accept a mission. These usually go for four energy points, out of the 15 that you have. Once you're out, you'll either need to wait a couple of hours to refill them, or pay four gems in order to refill.

Credits can be earned by going through missions, which you can then turn around to pay for upgrades and training for your characters.

As far as gems go, you'll earn them throughout the game, or buy them ranging anywhere from $4.99 for 16 to $99.99 for 500. It's best to see what you can earn first.

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