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I'm very happy to share our members' success stories with you when we can. Since we presented Peggy's story as our first profiled success story of Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA we now have 411 and today we present Todd W. Hamilton's story. (Peggy, our first success profile here on Aol Jobs, has volunteered to be the Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA success story reporter.)

Update : Todd W. Hamilton Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA - Success Story # 386 he was given this job lead by Ken a facilitator, member and 50+ Baby Boomer, Ken is now NhN success # 410.

Clearly Paying it Forward works !

Todd Hamilton's journey to landing his new job took him longer than it did to complete his Communications and Journalism degree from New Jersey's Ramapo College. A 2009 magna cum laude graduate with an impressive dean's list record, Todd sought to find work in his chosen field. He freelanced on exciting projects that included research, editing and writing to build a portfolio.

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Todd Hamilton

An internship at Red Letter Press allowed him to hone those skills as he collaborated on "The Little Green Golf Book" and a St. Louis Cardinals "Team Trivia" book. Additionally, he blogged for a CBS website. All the while, Todd was "under-employed" at Trader Joe's. He never thought when he joined their employ in 2009 it would take so long to find a job in the field he hoped to build a career in. Trader Joe's gave him a chance to learn valuable customer service skills and the opportunity to train other employees, creating a foundation for a strong work ethic. Had retail been Todd's chosen path, he could have pursued a management track and was often recognized with raises.

Todd's Update :

So update on the Todd story He found the job was not a great fit and has left. This too is not uncommon as every company and job has a fit factor, and if the fit is not right it is not good for either of the parties. He has returned to his old job at Trader Joes.

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