15 Strange Concierge Requests Made at California Hotels

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Oscar tickets, a Lassie lookalike and in-room grass for a dog to relieve himself on are just three of the weirdest concierge requests these California hotels have received.

Kenwood Inn and Spa (Sonoma)
  • "A purebred collie puppy for a little girl's birthday and the dad wanted to surprise her with 'a little Lassie.'"
  • "I once planned a girl's 10th birthday at the request of the parents. While this isn't especially strange, they wanted it to be "Barbie-themed" complete with models dressed as Barbie and her companions!"
  • "The most outrageous request I've been asked to accomplish was right after 9/11. I had a gentleman ask me to help him create the circumstances that were opportune for him to ask his girlfriend to marry him. He wanted to recreate a moment that he and his girlfriend enjoyed at their first date, listening to Mariachi in a Mexican restaurant on vacation. He wanted to propose on bended knee right in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge, on the walkway of course. However not only was this a tough one to pull off already, he wanted there to a Mariachi band there to surprise her. Getting this properly permitted in the days right after 9/11 was virtually impossible, so I had to sneak 7 guys onto the bridge walking from the opposite direction and then put on their sombreros, pull out their instruments and play while the man got on his knee. It caused quite a stir on the bridge that day. She did say yes thankfully, but it was one of the hardest requests not to mention, strange that I've ever been asked to fulfill."

Mandarin Oriental, San Francisco
  • "Distilled water to shower with"
  • "A certain type of yogurt be flown in from a particular farm in New Jersey"
  • "Berries in a bowl served for breakfast are all the same size in dimension before being presented to the guest"
  • "A real grass patch to be brought to their room so that their pet can relieve itself on the grass rather than being brought outside"

Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara
  • "I had a guest request tickets to the Oscars two days before the Oscars. I was able to secure them, but the guest declined upon hearing the price ($85,000 per ticket)."
  • "We also had a guest who was getting married and upset that their custom artwork fingerprint tree had not arrived in time for the wedding. In two hours, we found an artist, and had a courier pick up the appropriate canvas, paints, etc. The artist created an amazing piece of art very similar to the original. Minutes before they picked it up, we were blowdrying the canvas to make sure it was sufficiently dry. The guest was amazed."

Glendeven Inn Mendocino
  • "We have had a long term stay for a guest recovering from cosmetic surgery and my employees were respectfully asked to divert their eyes when she made her few public appearances."

Huntington Hotel & Nob Hill Spa (San Francisco)
  • "A hotel guest was very ill with the flu. I suggested that I call the hotel doctor. She asked instead if I would go down to a Chinese herbalist in Chinatown to pick up horsetail tea. When I arrived at the herbalist, I was asked to sit down for an examination and present my tongue to be 'read' while the herbs were crushed into a tea. The doctor then suggested that I discontinue eating meat until I was well!"

The Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey (Los Angeles)
  • "Sky writing a plea of forgiveness over a major theme park for a husband trying to get in contact with his wife without a cell phone."
  • "Guest wanted live reptiles and animals on a yacht charter in the Marina. It happened."

Hotel Bel Air (Beverly Hills)
  • One of the guests dream was to get a ride in the Good Year Blimp, through numerous challenges it happened.
  • We once had a couple in New York asked to help them ship a taxidermied moose head back to the French island of Corsica.
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