The Most In-Demand Jobs Now

Getty ImagesRecruiters are scouring social media for talent.

LinkedIn's recent research indicates only 15 percent of workers globally are completely satisfied in their current jobs; 45 percent are passive candidates, but open to speaking to someone about new opportunities. Recruiters seize on this population of passive candidates and recognize that social recruiting helps them tap into well-qualified workers. Increasingly, recruiters are turning to social media to locate candidates that match the qualifications of open positions, underscoring that talent-seeking via social media is fast becoming the norm in the recruitment industry. (Tweet this thought.)

Shon Burton, Founder of HiringSolved, a global social recruiting tool that delivers candidates across all skill sets and industries, noted that social recruiting is quickly becoming the norm. Candidates should be aware that they are being searched according to skill, talent, demonstrated passion and industry knowledge via social media. Using these tools well improves their chances of landing their dream jobs.

To uncover the jobs with most demand, HiringSolved examined the most searched terms by recruiters via its platform. According to the results, while jobs that require a background in tech remain in hot demand, the healthcare, hospitality and manufacturing industries are undergoing the sharpest rise in recruiter interest via social media.

According to the data, the most in-demand jobs searched in February 2014 (not in the tech sector) are:

1. Health/Healthcare

2. Nurse/RN/Registered Nurse

3. Marketing Manager/Marketing

4. Financial

5. Insurance/Health Insurance

6. Manufacturing

7. Customer Service

8. Non-Profit

9. Human Resources

10. Executive Chef

11. Case Manager

12. Plant Manager

13. Sous Chef

14. Real Estate

15. Cath Lab

"In the battle for top-tier talent, hiring managers are increasingly turning to social recruiting tools to get a competitive edge in identifying potential candidates and broaden their candidate pool across all job sectors," said Burton. "Social recruiting has opened up a massive pool of candidates to organizations, and it's the perfect time. The reality is that the job market has completely changed. Unlike previous generations, there is very little loyalty to a single company. Employees no longer stay with a single company for 25 years. Today, everyone is a candidate."

Top 10 skills tech recruiters are looking for on social media

Across the globe, qualified candidates to fill tech jobs are a hot commodity. The demand for talented coders, developers and language experts many times outweighs the supply.

The top 10 technical skills recruiters searched for in February 2014, include:

1. Java/J2EE/Java Developer - 1.01M

2. C/C++/Objective C - 1.01M

3. Javascript/CSS/HTML - 1.22M

4. SQL/SQL Server/MSSQL - 1.3M

5. .Net/C#/ASP

6. SAP - 1M

7. Linux - 800K

8. Oracle - 880K

9. Ruby/Ruby On – 98K

10. Python - 200K

Most searched job terms in February

Recruiters, sourcers and hiring managers using HiringSolved in February searched through nearly 100 million candidate profiles. The top 15 searched jobs terms were:

1. Software Engineer - 1.63M

2. Account Executive - 826K

3. Mechanical Engineer - 937K

4. Account Manager - 1.9M

5. Computer Science - 1.3M

6. Business Development - 5.6M

7. Customer Service - 4.59M

8. Java Developer - 600K

9. Sales Manager - 5.8M

10. Sales Engineer - 1.3M

11. Process Engineer - 782K

12. Business Analyst - 1.37M

13. Electrical Engineer - 1.6M

14. Registered Nurse - 220K

15. Systems Engineer - 1.2M

C-Suite Search on Social Media

Think recruiters aren't looking on social media to fill high-level positions? Not so fast. (Tweet this thought.) Even companies that are looking to fill executive and managerial roles are turning to social media to get access to the highest tier of talent available. Top C-Suite titles searched for include:

1. Vice President - 973K

2. Director - 4.3M

3. Manager - 2.3M

"If a recruiter isn't using a social recruiting tool, they aren't taking advantage of the fastest and most efficient method to find talent," said Burton. "A few years ago, all recruiters had to go on was the resume. With social profiles ... recruiters have access to a more accurate and updated profile about a person's expertise, providing a more complete picture of a potential candidate. With the wealth of information available, a recruiter would be crazy to make a hire based off just a resume."

How can candidates impress recruiters via social media?

Demonstrate your skills and industry knowledge. For example, a photographer or graphic designer can showcase a portfolio via Tumblr, Pinterest or Instagram. A coder may want to become active in an online community, such as GitHub.

Job seekers can also illustrate there are strong cultural fits for potential workplaces by using social media to showcase their leadership (by heading up groups) and communication skills.

Recruiters are using all the tools at their disposal to find quality candidates; don't miss the opportunity to insert yourself in the places where they look to find an opportunity.
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