Bouncing Slime: Impossible Levels Cheats And Tips

RedBit Games' Bouncing Slime: Impossible Levels is one of those fun impulse platforming games, where you'll have to think quickly to overcome 40 stages. Besides making your way across narrow platforms, you'll also deal with spikes that could easily spell an end to your run. You have to be quick, and read these tips to get the most from the game.

Time Your Jumps

When it comes to jumps, timing is everything. You'll work quickly to make your way across platforms, or else you'll fall off and need to restart the current level.

For good measure, if you see platforms that have spikes in the middle, you may want to consider where to jump. Going too soon could result in you splattering across the spike, while waiting too long may have you clear it, but could give you less room to deal with reaching the next platform. Time your jump so you land just before the spike, then jump again to get over it.

Sometimes Sliding is the Answer

When it comes to certain platforms, jumping may be the last thing you want to do. That's because if you're on a higher one, you could end up missing the next platform entirely. In these cases, slide off from one platform to another without worrying about jumping at all.

While this may sound like suicide, it works wonderfully. By coming off a higher platform and moving along at the speed your slime is going, it'll simply glide off and land on the next platform. However, keep your finger handy to jump, as you may only have about a split second before falling off the edge!

Don't Overestimate Your Chances

Starting out in Bouncing Slime, you may think the game is easy. However, that's just what RedBit wants you to think. The challenge will pick up by level five, putting your platforming skills to the test.

Use the first levels to get used to the style of play, and master these skills quickly, because later levels won't just ask for them - they'll demand them.

Also, prepare for additional speed and gravity challenges that get added to the game. These will require you to work much more quickly, and time your jumps with more accuracy. For good measure, more spikes will appear as well, and you'll sometimes need to bite the bullet just to memorize how to get past them.

There's No Penalty or Price for Starting Over

Bouncing Slimes qualifies as a good free-to-play title, as you're not asked to plunk down additional cash for levels or slime types. There are pop-up ads, but you can skip past them. Keep that in mind while working your way through the next levels.

In addition, don't be afraid to restart a level. There's no penalty for starting from the beginning. In fact, there's a nice learning curve that comes with that, and once you finally reach the finish line, you'll feel a great sense of accomplishment. Well, until the next level comes along.

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