Cool Jobs: Work In The Great Outdoors

Spring has sprung! Snow is melting, buds are sprouting, and you've once again consigned your winter boots to the back of the closet, where they will sit untouched until you remember you own them sometime next February. Also, sun. Remember sun? It's that big, warm, glowing thing you see when you go out on your lunch break. It's nice, sun. It's a shame it's stuck outside all day.

You can't bring the sun to your job, but you can always bring your job to the sun. There are tons of jobs out there for lovers of the great outdoors, and we've rounded up a few of them to celebrate the end of the polar vortex. Without further ado...

Dolphin trainer and Bottlenose Dolphin
Dolphin trainer and Bottlenose Dolphin

1. Animal Interaction Guide
What it is: Do you like dolphins? Of course you do; everybody likes dolphins. Dolphins are the puppies of the sea. Well, here's your chance to hang out with dolphins and educate fellow dolphin-lovers, as a guide at Vallejo, California's Six Flags. You'll also be working at the park's "Sharks in the Dark" attraction. That's right: Sharks. In the dark.
Who it's for: Dolphin wranglers