2048 Cheats And Tips

With the success of the game Threes!, we knew it wouldn't be long before clones appeared. Ketchapp's 2048 is a good one, a challenging numbers game where you add tiles together in the hope of reaching the elusive total of 2048. You'll start out in multiples of 2s and work your way up.

Here are some tips to help get you started.

How do I play 2048?

It's similar to Threes, but not as constrained. You'll slide numbers across a board and eventually add up similar numbered tiles to create new ones. For instance, putting two 2s together will form a 4, two 4s into an 8 and so on. The higher the numbers get, the more you increase your score.
With each move, however, you'll need to watch for new 2 cards that drop onto the board. At least you can use these to your advantage, adding them together to create new 4 cards and build new possibilities.

How do I align similar numbers in 2048?

The key is to watch out for open spaces. As you slide number tiles in all given directions - up, down, left and right - they'll shift depending on the number of open spaces. If you see an opportunity to add bigger numbered cards - for instance, 64 into 64 - don't hesitate to do it. This frees up space on the board, with one less tile to worry about. When you can, be sure to add smaller numbered cards. Otherwise, you could run into a situation where a 2 or a 4 card easily becomes surrounded by higher ones - and you won't get a chance to add it to anything.

What happens if I'm unable to move a number on the board in 2048?

This is one of those games where you can easily open up spaces by adding numbers together. If you see a series of 4s and 2s, for example, go ahead and combine them. This will free up spaces and allow you to move certain cards around so you can combine them. You also may create unexpected additions, such as two 16s that you forgot about on top that suddenly merge into a 32 card.

How do I get a high score in 2048?

The higher numbered cards you end up with on the board, the better the score. The overall goal is to get to a 2048 card, but as you might guess, that's a massive task. Add as many cards as possible to get bigger numbered cards, like 256 and 1024. The higher the points, the better you'll fare overall through the game's online leaderboards.

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