Xbox One Outselling PS4 In The UK

You'd probably never guess this based on the perception, but for the past four weeks in a row the Xbox One has actually outsold the PlayStation 4 in the UK. This is according to MCV which also notes the spike in Xbox One sales can be attributed to PS4 hardware shortages and Microsof'ts official £30 price cut, which came into effect three weeks ago.

The release of Titanfall also played a role, with Xbox One sales in the UK rising 96 percent during the game's launch week. In addition to the price cut, Microsoft also introduced an Xbox One Titanfall Bundle, which included the discounted system and a free copy of the multiplayer shooter.

Despite, the recent sales success, the Xbox One is still lagging behind the PS4 in overall sales life-to-date. MCV noted that a fresh supply of PS4s last weekend led to a 72 percent increase in sales, so the demand is certainly still there. Unfortunately...

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