DIY Swiffer Refills -- Savings Experiment

Swiffer Hacks
Swiffer Hacks

Swiffer makes quick and easy cleaning tools, but they're also quick to cost you money. The Sweeper pads and WetJet cleaning fluid refills aren't cheap, but there are ways to replace them and tidy up your home for less.

Every box of sweeper pads can cost you $6, but you can buy one item and never have to purchase the refill pads ever again. That's right, all you need is a chenille sock, which you can buy from a dollar store. It fits perfectly over the sweeper's head and makes an instant, washable Swiffer static cloth.

The refill bottles of WetJet cleaning solution may be tempting to buy since they're difficult to refill yourself, but here's a trick to help you save. Just bring a little water to a boil and dip the empty bottle in it just deep enough so that the cap is submerged.

After 30 seconds to a minute, the cap should be easy to twist off and you can fill the bottle with a homemade cleaning solution of your choice. Follow these tips and you can enjoy the ease and convenience of the Swiffer without the pricey upkeep.


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