Does Your Career Need a Spring Cleaning?

Spring Flower Grape Hyacinth
Getty Images

The dawn of Spring is always a good time to dredge up old Zen parables about renewal. Along with the first whiff of a hyacinth or even a lone patch of green, comes that familiar out-wth-the-old, in-with-the-new burst of energy. Is it time to apply that to your job search or career?

My Zen "Spring Cleaning" tale goes like this: A student went to visit a famous Zen master. The master served tea and rice while the student talked about his desire to learn Zen. The master filled up the rice bowl to the brim until it overflowed. Finally, distracted, the student blurted: "It's too full! No more will go in!" The Zen Master sighed, saying: "You are like this bowl. How can I show you Zen until you first empty this bowl?"