Can You Get Ahead By Swearing At Work?

<b class="credit">Composition by AOL Jobs Staff; AP</b>
Composition by AOL Jobs Staff; AP

Maybe you heard recent reports that the Pope had inadvertently used an expletive in a speech? Did it make you think that you finally had the okay to swear at work? Perhaps you'll want to think twice. In fact, per People Magazine, Pope Francis actually misspoke when addressing his audience in his non-native Italian and said the word "cazzo," which is equivalent to "f---." He had meant to say "caso," which means "case." He quickly corrected himself.

Even if the Pope isn't swearing in public, it wouldn't be surprising if you've heard what used to be language reserved for the locker room at work. As what used to be considered vulgar language makes its way into popular culture and finds its way on TV, many believe it's appropriate for professional settings, too.