Video Game BAFTA Award Results Are In

The British BAFTA awards for video games have finally been doled out and while there are few surprised at the dominance of games like The Last of Us and GTA V, it's nice to see a few of the more standout indies from 2013 take home a handful of awards.

For example, Papers, Please, the game from Lucas Pope that sets you as an immigration officer in the glorious, fictional state of Arstotzka, managed to win the best Strategy and Simulation award. Tearaway won the top award for artistic achievement and the best Mobile/Handheld game of the year.

However the overall Game of the Year award went to The Last of Us, with creators Naughty Dog also taking home awards for best Action Adventure game, Audio Achievement, Story and an individual award for Ashley Johnson, for best video game performance.

Bioshock Infinite, one of the year's earliest darlings, ended up only winning best Original Music and was otherwise snubbed. It seems like its post-release honeymoon period didn't last long enough and will ultimately be remembered for its immersive setting, but repetitive and traditional combat.
Here's the full list of awards and their winners:
  • Best Game: The Last of Us
  • Action and Adventure: The Last of Us
  • Game Design: GTA V
  • Artistic Achievement: Tearaway
  • Game Innovation: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
  • Audio Achievement: The Last of Us
  • Mobile and Handheld: Tearaway
  • Ones to Watch: Size Does Matter
  • Multiplayer: GTA V
  • Original Music: Bioshock Infinite
  • British Game: GTA V
  • Performer: Ashley Johnson – The Last of Us
  • Debut Game: Gone Home
  • Sports: FIFA 14
  • Family: Tearaway
  • Story: The Last of Us
  • Fellowship: Rockstar Games
  • Strategy and Simulation: Papers, Please

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