How to Get More Kills in Titanfall with AI Soldiers

Many Titanfall players agree that the AI-controlled soldiers, referred to as Grunts or Spectres, are among the biggest problems with the game, but they miss the big picture. While these computer adversaries don't pose much of a threat, you can use them to your advantage to boost your kill count. That said, here are some tips that make them important.

They Run into Danger and Distract the Other Team

Granted, most of them get cut down by Pilots, but you can do the exact same thing. Your fellow soldiers often run towards enemies at the start of a match, so by following them, you'll always know where the action is. Not only that, you can blend in and pick off opposing players.

Everyone knows that Grunts and Spectres are easy to kill, and Pilots often go for them first to pad their own point totals. This is great news for you, since you'll be able to hang back and slaughter these foolish players. That's right, we want you to use these computer characters as decoys.

They're Great Meat Shields

Don't be afraid to use Grunts and Spectres for cover. Pick up the rear and let them absorb all the bullets.

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