Green Rush Job Fair Draws Crowds

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More than 1,000 would-be workers in weed turned out in Denver yesterday looking for their piece of the Green Rush. There to greet them were representatives from 15 top cannabis companies, who collected resumes and in some cases made offers for the 150+ legal cannabis gigs.

CannaSearch was sponsored by O.penVAPE, which bills itself as "the largest national cannabis brand in the United States." We spoke to Todd Mitchem, chief revenue officer, O.penVAPE, which recently received high-profile coverage on CNN, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and many news outlets around the world, about CannaSearch, and career opportunities in the newly-legal marijuana industry.

Fifteen companies participated in yesterday's job fair. How many applicants attended?
We had a total of 1,240 come through the door and roughly 35% from out of state. We had people attend from as far away as Puerto Rico and Singapore.

What took place? 1:1 interviews? Were there job tips, speeches?
We were all interviewing each candidate one by one. The goal was to fill the available 150 jobs for all vendors, but follow up interviews will be needed. I am interviewing two hopefuls on Monday. In fact, we educated many attendees who were excited about the industry and helped many connect with the right people at the fair. The group was professional and qualified. It was an impressive turn out.

Did anyone get hired? How many people?What kind of jobs were being offered?
At O.penVAPE we were hiring a bookkeeper, IT pro and other positions. It looks like we will hire at least four immediately from yesterday but more importantly these 15 companies now have a robust pool to pull from as our industry continues to expand.

What kind of folks attended?
From all walks of life we saw a variety of high quality talent from PhDs to customer service enthusiasts. We saw upscale pros and casual people. Everyone was excited and energized to be a part of this event. People were patient also. Some stood in line for up to four hours.

What kind of pay can one expect as a worker in weed?
Working in this industry will earn you more salary than in most. Qualified workers receive competitive pay.

Who were the organizers? Was it a success? Do you plan more similar events?
Originally I had the idea after reading an article about job fairs. O.penVAPE organized and hosted the event. We did not charge other exhibitors.

"Coming from the corporate world, I always appreciated the speed of hiring top talent that a job fair gave me. I would call this a huge success. Also as the larger brand in cannabis, O.penVAPE is expanding throughout the US and Canada. This job fair is what any industry should do to set the tone of professionalism."

Anyone exploring a career in the marijuana industry should be aware that federal law supersedes state regulations and individual employer policies could lead to termination if you hold a day job, as happened to party planner Jane West.