EA Exec Thinks "Extra Content" Distracts Battlefield 4 Players From Bugs

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen believes that Battlefield 4 brand hasn't "seen any damage" as a result of the multitude of technical problems that have been plaguing it since its launch in October 2013.

"We've also tried to provide extra content to the consumers to make sure they keep coming back and playing the game and we're finding that it's working very well," he said. "I don't see that there's a damage issue. I think for us it's making sure that we're providing great gameplay for the consumer and we'll continue to do that."

A couple of weeks after launch, DICE paused new games development and reassigned its development team to fix Battlefield 4 technical problems. Some of the worst issues have been resolved since then, but there are still plenty of issues to work on.

EA is currently facing a class action lawsuit where one of its investors is accusing the company of making "materially false and misleading statements" about Battlefield 4's quality before launch.

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