El Loco Roller Coaster Debuts at Circus Circus; We Ride, You Decide

El Loco roller coaster at Circus Circus's Adventuredome in Las Vegas, Nevada
Circus Circus
The El Loco roller coaster debuted at Circus Circus's Adventuredome in Las Vegas last month. So Aol Travel and MapQuest dispatched their senior roller coaster correspondent -- hey, that's me! -- to check it out. Watch the video at the end of this post.

It's the first indoor El Loco-style coaster in the United States and just the second indoor one in the world. The other ones are in Indiana (at Indiana Beach Amusement Resort in Monticello), the United Kingdom, France, Australia and China. Adventuredome, which opened in August 1993, is the United States's largest indoor amusement park.

"It's all about reinventing yourself when you add a new ride," Jack Morris, senior project manager at Circus Circus told Vegas Inc. "This was built in the Rim Runner (flume ride) space and that really wasn't that exciting, but this is a really dynamic ride."

A ride in a four-person car down the 1,300-foot yellow track is included with the purchase of a $29.95 Adventuredome Premium all-day ride pass or is available for a $10 single ride ticket. The promotional material promises El Loco offers a thrill a second. So for the 72-second ride, that's about $0.14 a thrill, making it one of the best deals on thrills in Vegas. Well, at least on The Strip anyway.

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