13 Jobs You Thought You Wanted

young angry man standing above a laptop with an office chair preparing to destroy it

It's easy to idealize the jobs you don't have.

We've all dreamed of being a doctor or an astronaut, or publishing a hit novel. We sit in our cubicles trolling the job listings, all of them sounding infinitely preferable to what we're currently doing. But as a recent Reddit thread proves, even the seemingly toniest of jobs has its downsides.

And there are some serious, serious downsides.

In the thread, workers spoke out about the most hated aspects of their careers. From authors to programmers to aerospace engineers, here are all the reasons why you shouldn't enter a particular career field. Check them out, because the world is a cold, dark place.

NOTE: Reddit sources are anonymous, and can't be independently verified by AOL Jobs. Some posts have been edited for clarity.