Devious Dungeon Cheats And Tips

For players looking for a good old-fashioned 8-bit hack-and-slash adventure, Ravenous Games' Devious Dungeon is superb. Featuring over 75 levels of monsters to kill, keys to find and coins to collect, the game also provides the option to level up your player with new armor and weapons. You'll need them against the tougher bosses in the game.

Don't hack your way through this world without reading these tips!

How does the gameplay work in Devious Dungeon?

You must find a key to unlock a portal at the end of each stage, so you can move on to the next one. Along the way, you should defeat enemies you encounter (three or four good hits should do it), and destroy items for bonus coins, such as candlesticks, chests and statues.

Where can I find the keys in Devious Dungeon?

You'll want to check every nook and cranny of the randomly generated levels, as the key is usually located around the middle. It's easy to spot in the open, though you may need to defeat an enemy or two walking around it.

How do I level up in Devious Dungeon?

As you defeat enemies, a green bar begins to fill at the top of the screen. Once it fills completely, you'll be able to level up in one of three areas - strength, stamina and dexterity.

Strength is obvious, giving you extra power to hit enemies. Dexterity increases your chance of delivering critical hits, so make sure you balance between these two. As for stamina, it increases your life overall, which you'll find in the top corner of the screen. Once this runs out, you'll need to start over, so make sure you keep an eye on it.

Tip: Your life bar goes back to maximum strength each time you level up, so if you run low on health, kill a few enemies to refill it.

How do I customize my character in Devious Dungeon?

Visit the shop, which you'll find either at the start of the game or during random points between levels. Here, you can buy six different items.

Weapons is obvious, giving you a stronger sword or club to use against enemies.

Armor helps your character take extra damage, so his life bar doesn't get destroyed.

Potions allow you to increase your strength, decrease an enemy's strength and other abilities, which unlock as you level up.

Rings and amulets allow you to increase abilities in certain areas without leveling up, such as strength or dexterity.

Finally, there's an option to buy coins, which you can purchase through the app. Coins range from $0.99 for a small coin pack to $49.99 for a bounty of them, although you'll earn enough over the course of your adventure that you shouldn't have to worry about buying more. Just keep killing enemies before you consider a purchase.

How do I kill enemies in Devious Dungeon?

Shielded goblins are without question the worst. They take just as many hits to defeat as the regular goblins, but once they prepare for a sword attack, you'll want to get out of the way or risk taking damage. Wait for them to swing, then go back and finish them off.

Other enemies are relatively simple. The arrow-shooting skeletons just stand there, so avoid their projectiles and move in for the kill. In addition, watch out for fire breathers, as they like to attack from above. Get up to their level and finish them off first if you can.

How do I deal with bosses in Devious Dungeon?

Bosses are tough, but once you learn their attack patterns, it should be relatively easy to dodge their attacks and strike back. Watch for key moments when they leave themselves vulnerable.

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