PS4 Camera's Higher-Than-Expected Demand Raises Price

For some reason or another, demand for PlayStation 4 Camera currently exceeds supply. As a result, the peripheral is sold out at most retailers and available stock is being sold at a higher price than the official MSRP.

The official suggested retail price for PS4 Camera is $59.99, but retailers such as GameStop are currently selling it for $69.99.

PlayStation 4 Camera is not as integral part of the console as Kinect is to Xbox One. It is mostly used as a webcam for the console's live broadcast features. It can also be used for motion-control gameplay by tracking DualShock 4 Wireless Controller's light bar.

Sony refused to give any info regarding the camera's shipment rates or sales figures, but it confirmed that demand for the PS4 Camera is strong.

"While we do not comment on the sales figures, shipment or monthly production quantity, PlayStation Camera remains in high demand," the company affirmed.

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