Busted! 'Undercover Employee' Gets Caught in the Act at PostNet

In a surprise twist on the 'Undercover Boss' format on CBS, this week employees don disguises and go undercover in 'Undercover Employee.' The bosses have been there before, but it's time to go back. This assignment will require special agents to infiltrate and accomplish the mission.

Steve Greenbaum is CEO and Co-Founder of PostNet. He went undercover once to see what it was like on the inside. What he discovered was the view from the top was a lot different than the reality. As a result he made some big changes. Now, he wants to go back again to see if a franchisee who wants to open a second PostNet is ready for the challenge.

Knowing he can't go back undercover without arousing suspicion, Steve calls upon Belton, an armed forces veteran and top-notch employee who appeared on the original PostNet 'Undercover Boss' episode. Last time around, Steve gave him some cooking classes and Belton works part-time as a chef, planning to ultimately pursue culinary work as a full-time career.

Amanda is a franchise owner with a lot on her plate. In addition to running her business, she cares for her mother who suffered an aneurysm. Also, her husband was tragically murdered in their home. She hopes to fulfill their dream of growing the business by taking on a second PostNet franchise.

On the Inside

With a fake beard, glasses and nose ring, Belton is transformed into Jeremy, an unemployed skateboarder from Oakland, CA. He is spending the day at Amanda's franchise under the pretext of being a contestant competing to win a cash prize on a reality show.

At first it goes well. Amanda greets him at the door and sets him up right away on the paper cutter. With Steve outside in a trailer and talking into his ear, 'Jeremy' proves to be a quick learner and excellent amateur actor. After mastering the first task he moves on to bigger challenges.


However, Amanda is not easily fooled and knows something is wrong. She is watching him carefully and shows her toughness and business savvy by quickly getting to the truth.

"I am suspicious of Jeremy for a couple of reasons. He looks like somebody that's either been in my store before or somebody that's affiliated with PostNet in some way. He definitely seems very familiar," remarks Amanda.

Soon she peppers him with questions about skateboarding and his personal life. 'Jeremy' defends himself, but Amanda is definitely on to his game. Finally she snaps at him with a withering, "I don't believe you!"

When she confronts him with video from the original 'Undercover Boss' episode 'Jeremy' finally crumbles.

Making Dreams Come True

After an emotional visit to Amanda's home and meeting her mom, Belton asks her to join him in the trailer where Steve greets them both with open arms. In a heartfelt finale he praises both for their dedication and loyalty and has a special surprise for each of them.

Amanda had earlier told Belton that the one thing holding her back from the second franchise was money. Steve gives her $50,000 toward that dream.

For Belton, the boss has a trip to the Loire Valley and a high-end cooking course planned because he knows just how much cooking means to him.

Not only has he changed the lives of his employees, they've changed his. By going undercover and seeing his business from the inside out, Steve shares his newly enlightened perspective.

"All we can hope for is that we do something that is bigger than ourselves."

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