This Is How You Can Teach Your Kids to Invest


As with the end of every earnings season, my daughters, Hannah and Ainsley, and I have been deliberating the next stock pick to add to their portfolio. In early February we decided it would be fun and Foolish to employ the wisdom of crowds to pick one of the four finalists.

You rocked the vote
We asked you to vote, and you delivered. In fact, 289 Fools took the time to offer their $0.02 and choose between Facebook, Twitter, , and Panera Bread as one of the four stocks for my girls to deliberate this quarter. I'm happy to say the results are in, and we have a clear winner: It's

As you can see, it wasn't even close, and honestly I'm a little surprised. Maybe it's that Amazon has grown top-line revenue at a 32% annualized clip over the last five years. Or maybe it's that active customer accounts now exceed 237 million. Either way, I think it's a fine choice, and so do my girls. So thank you Fools for taking the time to participate in our process as we seek to add a seventh stock to their portfolio.

But that's not all
We've decided to take this one step further. Up until last night we still only had two finalists. Now we have the final four, and we need your help one last time. Along with Chipotle Mexican Grill and Amazon, Hannah and Ainsley have also decided to add Mattel and Panera Bread to the mix. These are all companies that they encounter on a regular basis, and they understand the basic idea of what they do and how they make money.

We had such a great turnout and response to the first vote that we've decided to take advantage of the wisdom of crowds one more time. We are turning to you, our Foolish investing family, to choose the winner of this quarter's final four. The bottom line is that we would be thrilled to add any one of these four companies to the portfolio today. In other words, we can't lose.

Now you need to rock the vote one more time
So please, Fools, when you get the chance, take a minute out of your day to click on over to this Survey Monkey ballot and choose the company you feel deserves a spot in their portfolio this quarter. Voting will be open for the next two weeks and will close on March 21. Then we'll compile the results and reveal the winner in a new video for (similar to the one right here) over the following weeks as their schedule permits. Thank you for your participation!

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