The Top 10 Cards Worth Crafting In Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

So much dust, so little time. Sure, you could just give in and buy a few booster packs but what's the fun in that? The idea behind any free-to-play game is to maximize your fun while minimizing your expenditure, right? (Wrong, but that isn't the main concern here.) Over the last few months, we've looked at how to expedite your accumulation of gold, the most common terms used in Hearthstone as well as great decks you can build for free. Today, it's all about crafting. Or, at least, the top ten neutral cards you might want to consider crafting from the dusty remains of your disenchanted cards.(Alternatively, this could probably double as a guide on 'Top 10 Cards You Should Probably Not Disenchant.')

Argent Commander

Once upon a time, the Argent Commander was regarded by many as the "best neutral rare" in the game. Recent nerfs have, of course, made him a touch less beefy but that doesn't mean he should be consigned to the disenchanting box. The Argent Commander's appeal is two-fold: he has Charge and he has Divine Shield. In case you didn't know what either of those terms meant, "Charge" allows a card to immediately attack after it's been played. (Otherwise, it'll just kind of sit around and look nauseous for a spell. ) "Divine Shield", on the other hand, is kind of like a get-out-of-jail card. You get to absorb any incoming damage once. Just once. And once, in a game as fast-paced as Hearthstone, is sometimes all you need.

Azure Drake

Okay, so, the thing about Priests is that they're obnoxiously good at deflecting damage and, depending on how they're kitted out, sometimes even better at nuking. However, much like Achilles, their arsenal isn't without weakness. Minions with 4 power stand alone in their relative immunity to the Priest's bag of insta-death. Which is, well, great for the Azure Drake because it's a solid 4/4 beast. Additionally, the Azure Drake will also grant Spell Power + 1, a small but solid bonus which can be used by the clever to secure a win. Still not sold? Well, how about this: the Azure Drake will even let you draw a card for free when you play it.

Sunfury Protector

Depending on who you ask, they'll either recommend the Sunfury Protector or the Defender of Argus for your taunting needs. Under other circumstances, I'd say going with either is a good idea. Both offer similar benefits, after all. But if I had to choose, I'll have to say I'm a fan of the Sunfury Protector. The decks I enjoy and the classes I run tend to be without good early-game taunters, something that this excellent 2/3 can provide for real cheap.

Gadgetzan Auctioneer

Many a great deck has been built around the Gadgetzan Auctioneer and for good reason. He's a strong card to have in your collection. Especially if you already have a plan of action. (Which you really should have, incidentally. Plans of action are important.) Gadgetzan Auctioneer is a 4/4 minion, which makes him impervious to some of the Priest's more dangerous spells. More importantly, the Gadgetzan Auctioneer will allow you to draw a card each and every single time you cast a spell. Needless to say, if you're building a spell-heavy deck around that one magnificent wombo-combo, you need the Gadgetzan Auctioneer in your life. Need him. Plus, this dashing goblin also packs a solid punch.

Knife Juggler

The Knife Juggler's a great guy when you're on the right side of the room. Stats-wise, he's not much to shout about: 3/2 is okay. However, the Knife Juggler's purpose in Hearthstone is to not beat on things. (Though that's a side job he's not necessarily dismal at.) His real job in life is to randomly deal one point of damage to the enemy whenever you summon a new minion. While one damage might seem negligible at first glance, the Knife Juggler can wreck utter havoc in the hands of a savvy player. Imagine: pulling the Knife Juggler out the same turn you play five other minions. Or more, for that matter. Yeah, it can totally add up....

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