Frontline Commando 2 Cheats And Tips

Frontline Commando 2 is the latest chapter in Glu Games' third-person action series, where you guide a group of soldiers into enemy territory both on the ground and in the air. You'll need to act quickly to avoid attacks, and command your secondary units to fire when necessary. It's an easily accessible action game that doesn't require too much investment from your wallet.

On that note, learn how to build a squad and command secondary units with these Frontline Commando 2 tips.

How do I build a squad in Frontline Commando 2?

As you proceed through campaign missions, you'll unlock secondary members. To add them to your unit, slide a finger over your character profile to an open slot, then move the secondary member of your choice into that position. They'll accompany you from now on, and make fighting enemies a little bit easier.

How do I command secondary units in Frontline Commando 2?

They already have a good idea what to do, but on occasion, you can use their special attacks, such as grenade throws or heavy gunfire, based on a target you highlight. Simply press the appropriate icon for them at the bottom of the screen, then mark where you want their attack to go.

How do I use different weapons in Frontline Commando 2?

You'll start out with a basic assault rifle, but as you go along, you'll earn access to different weapons, including sniper rifles, shotguns and heavier firepower, including an RPG. Make sure they're selected before you go on a mission, and you'll be able to use them in battle.

The sniper rifle is easy to use. Tap the fire button once to use a scope view, line up your target and then tap the fire button to shoot the enemy.

As for the other weapons, they're quite simple to use - you just need to make sure you have enemies in your sights. Wasting bullets is not a good idea.

How do I avoid incoming attacks in Frontline Commando 2?

If an enemy has a heavy piece of firepower, like a rocket launcher, you'll want to make sure you're out of its firing range. If you see one of these incoming attacks, tap an arrow on the side of the screen to a new cover point. Otherwise, you're going to feel the pain - maybe even to the point of losing the round.

How do I level up in Frontline Commando 2?

Leveling up provides many benefits, including additional gold to purchase goods and access to new weapons. To level up, complete missions as successfully as you can and take part in PvP battles. Sometimes they can be a little rough, depending on their difficulty, but the better you become at them, the higher you'll rank - and the more you'll have access to.

How do I improve gun performance in Frontline Commando 2?

You'll be able to rank up your first or secondary weapons by tapping on them in the customization menu, then decide which area you want to increase - critical (power of hits), rate of fire, clip size and reload speed. Your best bet in this department is both clip size and reload, as it can make a world of difference when it comes to surviving a gunfight.

Be sure to check damage rating when buying new guns as well. The higher they rank, the more efficiently you'll be able to take down armored soldiers and vehicles.

How do I rank up squad members and supplies in Frontline Commando 2?

You can opt to train your teammates to be better on the battlefield in a number of areas, including Attack, Defense and using secondary weapons like the Grenade. It costs money, but it's worth the cash to take down bosses later in the game.

When it comes to supplies, you can add one of four things - the grenade, the medkit, the drone and the RPG. The grenade you'll get right off the bat, but leveling up increases how much you can use it. The medkit helps heal your squad (and yourself), should you take too much damage. The drone flies in to attack and distract targets so you can catch your breath. Finally, the RPG - well, it delivers a big bang.

The best bet? The grenade and the RPG, especially when combined with exploding oil drums.

Do I need to pay for anything in Frontline Commando 2?

To level up weapons and occasionally buy energy (should you lose lives during turns), you'll need to use coins and gold, both of which you'll earn a good amount of over the course of missions. Be sure to take advantage of free offers and PvP missions to build up cash first before you spend real money.

If you prefer that option - or you want the cooler weapons right away - you can buy gold, ranging from $1.99 for 8 up to $99.99 for 3200. Really, take advantage of the free options first, then consider this.

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