Apple Gives BlackBerry a Boost

Apple Gives BlackBerry a Boost

As many of its most critical market segments slowly edge toward maturity, tech giants like Apple are starting to eye new ancillary growth markets.

Between the two of them, tech investors can barely go a day without the mention of Apple's two most commonly cited, and commonly assumed, future products: the iWatch and the iTV. And while neither device has seen the light of day, Apple redoubled its efforts to break into another emerging growth space, to the benefit of BlackBerry .

BlackBerry's booming in-car kingdom
This week, Apple updated its "iOS in the Car" platform, rebranding the in-car OS now as CarPlay.

This makes perfect sense as in-car advanced software should become an upcoming focal point for today's tech giants. However, in a somewhat surprising turn of events, it appears that Apple's CarPlay software is based on BlackBerry's QNX software. This isn't the only recent win BlackBerry has notched with its in-car software offering, either. Recently, BlackBerry was also able to unseat Microsoft's software to power Ford's Sync in-car OS as well.

In the video below, tech and telecom analyst Andrew Tonner looks at the move and what it could mean for the emerging tech space.

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