Cookie Jam Cheats And Tips

SGN's Cookie Jam doesn't try to hide what it really is - a variation of King's highly popular Candy Crush Saga. However, it does add some interesting wrinkles to make it stand out, like defeating bothersome gingerbread men or adding special pieces to help clean up the board.

Without further ado, let's dish out some yummy Cookie Jam tips.

How does the gameplay work in Cookie Jam?

Essentially, it's about the same as Candy Crush Saga and other match-three games. You line up pieces based upon requests in each level to help prepare key dishes for stages. If you eliminate four or more, as well as L and T-shaped formations, you have the ability to create special pieces that can help clear the board.

For example, setting up an L shape will create an ice cream sandwich-like dessert that, combined with similar pieces, eliminates pieces in a nearby radius. There's also the option to create a cake with five pieces lined up, that when put together with another piece, eliminates all types of that piece from the board.

You'll get the hang of it within a few seconds of play.

How do power-ups work in Cookie Jam?

As you proceed through the game, you'll unlock new power-ups that will come in handy. The first few uses are free, but after that, you'll have to spend coins to use them a certain number of times, or around 150 coins to unlock them completely.

The most helpful of these is the rolling pin. You use this to clear a single row of pieces. This is especially useful if you have a row filled with waffle squares that you need to eliminate, as it'll take them all out in one shot.

Another great power-up is the spoon. Activate this and it'll eliminate a single piece from the board with a single tap. If you have a gingerbread man getting on your case, this is a great way to snuff him out.

How do I eliminate waffle pieces in Cookie Jam?

These work in a similar fashion to the jelly pieces in Candy Crush Saga. To remove the waffle piece surrounding another cookie ingredient, match three or more of these colors to the coordinating piece trapped in the waffle. It'll break apart and you'll be able to move on.

Some levels are filled with 20 or more of these pieces, so time your moves carefully, and don't forget to use power-ups to eliminate troublesome pieces along the way.

How do I get row-clearing pieces in Cookie Jam?

This is simply a matter of lining up four pieces together in a section. Depending how you remove them from the board, you'll either see remaining cookie pieces that have a vertical or horizontal line in them. Once you align these with similar pieces, you'll be able to clear the row or column they're lined up with.

If you've got a number of these together, you can create some great combos that will take out numerous pieces at once, thus adding to your score and getting you closer to a three-star victory at the end of a stage.

In addition, watch out for X pieces that you earn by lining up several pieces in a certain formation. Once eliminated, these explode in an X fashion, taking out pieces in the nearby vicinity. These are great for building combos as well.

How do I get rid of gingerbread men in Cookie Jam?

Gingerbread men can be a real pain in the neck, climbing up your play field until they reach your dessert. To take them out, simply line up pieces of the same color as they are to eliminate them, or use a power-up to knock them out of the way. They're easy to get rid of at first, but later levels have you dealing with more than one at a time. Prepare to get rid of them before they foil your sweet plans.

Do I need to pay for anything in Cookie Jam?

Seeing as how it's set up in a similar manner to Candy Crush Saga, sooner or later you might. The game gives you a fair amount of lives (five) and 50 coins at first, which you can use to buy extra power-ups and tries. Outside of that, you'll need to invest in more, starting with 25 coins for $0.99 all the way through $49.99 for 1,475 of them.

It's your decision to spend the money on these, but thankfully, the game's easy enough that you don't need to drop it right away. Whether you wish to continue is up to you.

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