Police Chief Goes Nuts On Video, Gets Fired...Twice

When someone gets fired, it usually means they're gone for good. But for Caseyville, Ill., police chief Jose Alvarez, it's become something of a routine occurrence.

Alvarez has been fired twice by Caseyville mayor Len Black, but now a circuit judge has ordered him back on the job. Black first fired Alvarez on Feb. 12, only to have the Caseyville Board of Trustees unanimously vote to rehire him the next week. But just days later, Alvarez had an explosive outburst (captured on video) in a board meeting, which led to the mayor firing him again.

"I have done all I am humanly and politically capable of doing to protect and serve the citizens of Caseyville with regards to this situation," Black said in a statement. He alleged that Alvarez had been uncooperative prior to his outburst, in which the chief can be seen yelling at the mayor over operation of the department.

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"I've never run this police department. Bob Romanik runs this police department," he shouts, referring to a local talk radio host and former Washington Park police chief. Romanik, whose family members run strip clubs, has a felony conviction related to the Thomas Venezia video gambling ring.

"That's what your people want," Alvarez can be heard shouting. "Someone who will stand up to Bob Romanik."

After the outburst, Black filed a disorderly conduct complaint against Alvarez, who at one point is separated from the mayor by a police sergeant. But Alvarez doesn't think he's the one who needs to be held back. In fact, he's sought a restraining order in order to help him continue as police chief. "Stop the silliness of getting fired today, working three days and getting fired again," he told KSDK.

For now, despite Black's opposition, Alvarez will remain Caseyville's police chief. How much cooperation he'll be receiving from the mayor's office still remains to be seen.

"You are a disgrace to your community," he can be heard telling Black in a heated exchange.

"And you're not right now?" Black responds.

"No, sir. I'm not."

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