GTA 5: GTA Online's Gusenberg Sweeper Bug Fixed

Rockstar Games has resolved the issue in which players reported the Gusenberg Sweeper missing from theirGTA Online weapon inventory following GTA 5's Title Update 1.11.

"In order to re-enable access to this weapon in your inventory, you'll need to reboot GTAV and load back into GTA Online with each character that previously had the weapon in their inventory," Rockstar explains. "So, if you have more than one character that had the Gusenberg, you'll need to repeat this process of rebooting the console for each of your characters. You'll also need to go to Ammunation to re-apply any gun mods you had for the Gusenberg, but you will not be charged again for components you had already purchased."

Grand Theft Auto 5's latest update arrived earlier this week alongside The Business Updatefor GTA Online. The latest DLC added three sports cars, a new luxury jet...

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