South Park: The Stick Of Truth Walkthrough (Part 1)

Hey, South Park fans! Curious about South Park: The Stick of Truth? Want to see some gameplay before you actually invest in the game? Or maybe you're a new player who needs a little help getting started. Whatever the case, it's your lucky day: Future TV Gaming has a 20 minute long walkthrough of the first part of South Park: The Stick of Truth, without any sort of annoying commentary or extra noise.

In part 1, you'll get a scoop on the background story, see what the graphics are like, meet the gang (including a very lovely Princess Kenny) and explore many features of the game, like class, fighting, and general gameplay. Take a look below and see what the game is actually like-and yes, you'll probably feel like you're watching an episode of South Park (which is a good thing!):

Let's Play South Park: The Stick of Truth - Part 1

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