Jumpy Jack Tips And Tricks: How To Improve Your High Score

RedBit Games' Jumpy Jack has a few things in common with Flappy Bird. However, instead of trying to keep your skateboarder in the air, your main goal is to help him push onward through a series of brick walls while picking up collectible attire.

Here are the best tips for getting far in this tricky skateboarding game.

How do I clear brick walls in Jumpy Jack?

Since you're riding on the ground - rather than floating through the air like other Flappy Bird clones - you'll need to initiate big jumps sooner in order to get over high walls, while leaping ever so slightly to get over short ones.

The game moves at a fast pace, so the best thing for you to do is see where the next wall is positioned and prepare your jump accordingly. For higher jumps, hold down your finger until your rider reaches the appropriate height. For smaller ones, simply tap the screen and he should clear the gap.

How do I avoid crashing in Jumpy Jack?

One cool thing about Jumpy Jack is that your game doesn't come to an end if you manage to touch the top of a wall with your skateboard wheels. Granted, if your player collides with a wall during a jump - even if just part of his body hits it - then yes, your game ends.

However, if you manage to clear a gap in the wall and land on top of it, you won't come to a halt. Instead, you'll skate over it and then land back on the ground. This is a good tactic to use, as it allows you to avoid hitting your head and time your jumps so you barely clear the open space.

Remember to take a break

Since this game shares similarities with Flappy Bird, patience is key. If you find yourself coming up short on the first few runs (the first time we tried it, we ended up with 2), don't worry. Take a breather for a little bit and come back to the game to continue your run. This is a slightly more difficult game due to its speed, so you're going to crash many times.

How do I unlock bonus outfits in Jumpy Jack

As an incentive for getting through certain parts of the game, Jumpy Jack provides bonus outfits that you earn by clearing a certain number of brick walls. Here's what you can unlock.

Thunderbolt t-shirt- clear 5 walls
Red Karate Bandana- clear 10 walls
Heavy Metal t-shirt- clear 15 walls
Black Kung Fu Bandana- clear 20 walls
Pro Skater pants- clear 25 walls
King of Skate black shirt- clear 30 walls
New Galaxy skate- clear 35 walls
Ninja suit- clear 40 walls
Red Dragon Bandana- clear 45 walls
Ninja Master Belt- clear 50 walls

These items will automatically stick to your skater as you collect them, so keep an eye open. You could create a pretty rad creation for Jumpy Jack to show off. Just don't hit anything!

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