Spring Break Crawl: 130 Spring Things to Do in 26 U.S. Cities

Beach accessories with swimming suit and tequila sunrise cocktail on white background.
Spring break is on the horizon, even though much of the country is still stuck in winter's chilly grip. Whether you're planning a Florida vacation to Disney World, a trip to a California beach or are suffering through another New York snow day, we've created spring break crawls in 26 cities to add some warm weather fun to your day.

Each crawl highlights spring break-y experiences -- from places to get a great tropical drink, all-inclusive food and drink ideas, things to do with kids and families and beachy or outdoor dining options. Find out where to watch the sunset, or a cool water-based activity (don't worry cold-weather dwellers, some are indoors). Pick one idea for a quick spring break-break, or string them all together for a day of beach-inspired fun.

Choose a city -- whether it's your hometown or your vacation destination -- to see spring break things to do:

Mid-Atlantic and South
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