South Park: The Stick of Truth PC Review

Prior to The Stick of Truth, I'm not sure I can remember the last time a video game literally made me cry with laughter.

I'm sure it's happened, of course, but few games have elicited such genuine belly laughter as a scene in The Stick of Truth where New Kid, the player character, faces off against Cartman in a battle of flatulence that had me laughing so hard I had difficulty holding on to my controller. But I'm getting ahead of myself, and probably showing myself up as a critic in the process. What can I say? I still find a good fart joke funny, and I frankly fear the day when I no longer feel that way.

The Stick of Truth is a 15-hour South Park episode in which a character of your own design is the star. And calling it a South Park episode isn't an exaggeration, either; great pains have clearly been taken with the game to make it look as true to the TV show as possible, right down to everything being overlaid with a subtle but noticeable construction paper texture. It looks like South Park, it sounds like South Park -- and it has the humor of South Park.

The latter aspect is what will probably divide the potential audience of this game most significantly. We're talking about a game riddled with fart jokes, anal probes, more fart jokes, sentient poo, a few more fart jokes, several interactive abortions and one hell of a lot of swearing.

We're also dealing with a game that masterfully blends elements of both Western and Eastern role-playing games to produce an experience that is extremely satisfying to play, a lot of fun to explore, and which has a surprising amount of depth beneath the provocative exterior.

We're also dealing with a game that, much like the show, brilliantly and intelligently lampoons certain aspects of society and culture amid all the seemingly juvenile humor. The Stick of Truth takes specific aim at everything from Facebook to Skyrim...

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