Professor Layton And The Azran Legacy Cheats And Tips

Level-5 and Nintendo have done it again, with the latest chapter in the Professor Layton series for 3DS and 2DS. In Azran Legacy, the Professor sets out to solve a new mystery, using his smarts and a helpful notepad to get through challenging puzzles. It's a tough game, but we have a few tips that will help you get through this charming adventure.

Use Hint Coins Wisely

When it comes to solving puzzles, sometimes it's easy to get stuck, particularly with finding solutions. In one, for instance, you must locate a number pattern on a series of tiles before placing four loose ones in the right place. You could attempt to get through it on the first try to earn the most Picarats, but forming the wrong solution will result in a smaller payout.

With this, you'll want to use a couple of your Hint coins. You'll start out with nine, with the ability to purchase more using hidden currency on the stages. However, don't go nuts with them. Up to six hints can be revealed in a puzzle, but you can probably figure out how to make them work just by uncovering the first two. They'll give you general hints on how things click - number patterns, moves, etc. - and you'll be on your way.

If you need them, of course, you can purchase more hints, but most of the puzzles we stumbled across - save for some of the tougher challenges later on - only require a couple.

The Memo Pad is Your Friend

If you need help figuring out a pattern, or you just want to deduce clues without risking incorrect answers, pull out the Memo Pad. This lets you search for clues within the current stage without interacting with it. Instead, you write over it and apply hints you uncovered to your current strategy. As a result, you're likely to find the solution.

If you make a mistake, you can clear the Memo Pad at any time and start over. It's like using a real memo pad, and there's no need to worry about crumpling up pages. Remember, even the greatest detective makes mistakes.

Explore the Entire Area

When searching the environment with your magnifying glass, be sure to check every corner of the screen. Doing this will let you not only find clues that lead to your next destination, but also coins that allow you to purchase extra hints. These will be important later in the game, so collect as many as you can find, then cash them in to extend your hint collection.

For good measure, don't be afraid to explore new areas of the game, even if they're off the beaten trail. You might find a surprise.

Solve Daily Puzzles Whenever Possible

Along with the hundreds of puzzles found in Azran Legacy - as well as the diabolically tough Layton's Challenges and mini-games you'll unlock - there are daily puzzles you can download. Nintendo will provide these on a daily basis, free to those who purchase the game, giving an extra opportunity to earn Picarats on top of the ones offered in the main adventure.

It's worth trying these out and passing along challenges to your friends in StreetPass. These are relatively easy to access. They also provide extra chances to earn coins and other bonuses for Layton and his protégé.

Enjoy the Mini-Games

Last but certainly not least, there are three mini-games you can unlock throughout the game. They're easy to access, simply by opening the Professor's trunk.

In Dress Up, you'll help customers create ideal outfits, earning more stars for each one you put together. Don't be afraid to go a little wild.

Nut Roller tasks you with helping a squirrel get nuts into his home. The opening levels are easy, but as you unlock new ones, you'll find obstacles you'll need to get around. With enough practice, however, it's a cinch.

Finally, Blooms & Shrooms has you planting a garden to create a beautiful arrangement. Poison mushrooms get in the way, though, so pick them as soon as you can. Otherwise, you'll deal with some nasty shrubbery.

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