'Undercover Boss' Mitchell Modell Accused of Corporate Spying

<b class="credit">CBS</b>Mitchell Modell in Undercover Boss
CBSMitchell Modell in Undercover Boss

CEOs traditionally set strategy, watch over performance, work with investors, and other high level concerns of a company. Some executives like to "get their hands dirty" and become more involved in the day-to-day activities. Then there's Mitchell Modell, chief executive of Modell's Sporting Goods.

Modell went on the CBS program Undercover Boss to get in touch with the daily experience of his workers. He even gave $250,000 to one employee who had been living in a homeless shelter so she could move her family into a new home. Now a rival of Modell claims that going undercover has become a habit, and that the CEO went undercover as an executive of Dick's Sporting Goods to obtain competitive information, according to the North Jersey Record.