Duck Destroyer Cheats And Tips For iPhone And iPad

Duck Destroyer is an arcade-style shooting game where you play the role of Red Fox, a wily creature that wants nothing more than to blast ducks. At first, that might sound a bit cruel, but once the ducks begin building up all sorts of crazy offense, it becomes a battle for survival.

Here are some tips to help get you started in the game.

What's the best way to play Duck Destroyer?

There are two ways to play the game. The first is with a gyroscopic meter, which scrolls over the screen depending on which way you're holding your mobile device. The second is with on-screen controls, and this is your best option. It provides better accuracy and allows you to get a bead on ducks by moving your thumb along. You'll see what we mean when you play for the first time.

How do I shoot ducks in Duck Destroyer?

It couldn't be easier - just point and shoot. Guide your on-screen cursor at the desired targets and then tap the top of the screen to shoot your weapon. You'll start out with a lowly slingshot, but as the game goes on, you'll be able to pick up ones with a more effective range, including a shotgun and a rail gun.

One word of advice: go for the slower ones first. Some will go too fast and dart across the screen, and aren't worth wasting your time when you're starting out with the slingshot. Instead, watch for the slower ones and pick them off.

How do I collect coins in Duck Destroyer?

As you shoot ducks, some of them will leave behind coins that fall to the ground. You can pick these up simply by tapping on them, which adds to your account. Note: you'll want to be quick with these, because otherwise they'll vanish.

Other times, there will be opportunities to earn coins through bonus objectives, such as a Granny round where you try to collect 1,000 in-game coins to earn 100 at the end. We're not sure why you don't get to keep the 1,000, but oh well.

How do I earn three stars in Duck Destroyer?

At the start of each stage, you'll see objectives that need to be completed, such as collecting a certain amount of coins or shooting a minimum number of ducks. You only need to earn one star in order to unlock the other stages, but getting all three will earn you a bonus that adds to your cash total. You can always go back and try a stage again in case you come up short, with no penalty to speak of.

How do I buy new gear in Duck Destroyer?

Once you earn enough coins and stars, you'll be able to visit the local shop and upgrade things from weapons to overall speed. There are a variety of things available, and some of them can be a bit costly, requiring you to pay additional cash. However, fans of the game certainly won't mind, especially when those ducks start asking to be shot.

Why do I need hearts in my life bar in Duck Destroyer?

Because these suckers get real nasty, real quick. In later stages, the ducks begin fighting back, throwing objects at you from a distance (which you'll need to shoot) or taking them out before they can unleash a melee attack. If you lose all three hearts in a stage, you'll have to retry.

Do I need to pay for anything in Duck Destroyer?

Eventually, yes. At first, you can run through the game without any limits, though you are stuck with the low-end slingshot. What you'll eventually need to do is pay to speed up a weapon refill or cooldown meter, as well as any hearts you lose in later stages. It's not much - you can use coins for the purchase - but as the difficulty rises, you may need to pay with real money.

The same goes for the weapons. You need a good amount of coins and stars to access some of these, and without them in the beginning, you may find yourself running into trouble when the ducks become trickier. Again, you'll need to pay some money for in-game coins - starting at $0.99 and up - to make real progress in the game. The choice is yours, but try the game first before you invest.

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