Cleveland's Job Bank Queen Kelly Blazek: Can This Career Be Saved?

Can Kelly Blazek's career be saved?
Unless you've been basking under a beach umbrella at St. Bart's, you've probably heard about the Cleveland Job Bank founder whose nasty emails to job searchers went public. Read the first report here. And the recent update here. The Internet erupted when one of the recipients gamely posted Kelly Blazek's email and asked several social sites to "please help call this lady out." Help they did, igniting a social wildfire that eventually yielded several more examples of Blazek's abusive email style.

Massive media frenzy plus two apologies later, Blazek's Cleveland Jobs Bank site has gone poof, along with her Twitter and blog. There's even talk of revoking an award she received in 2013 from a prominent northern Ohio business organization.

Job searchers in Cleveland have lost a key tool and Blazek's career has flipped from sizzling to almost Art Modell. (In the meantime, jobseekers. Please do search on AOL Jobs! We've got lots of Cleveland opportunities.)

So here's my question to you- and I mean this sincerely: I want to hear from you. Tell us: Can Kelly Blazek's career be saved? Could an Extreme Makeover work?

Please add your ideas and thoughts to the Comments section below.

Next week, a seasoned Career Guru will weigh in on the scandal and offer tips.

But first. You. Can this career be saved?
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