The Weekly Countdown: 5 Articles To Inspire All Job Seekers

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How do you define a successful week when you're looking for work? Is it job leads, interviews, or maybe new LinkedIn connections? Job search is never easy and success is hard to quantify unless you've got an offer. Sometimes you make big strides, other days it is baby steps. If you know you made good use of every day and gave it everything you had, then that's as good a yardstick as any. Some weeks are harder than others, but always keep building and keep moving forward.

My inbox was jam-packed this week with great ideas and innovative approaches to the job hunt. Here are five worth sharing. Take what you need. Not every idea works for every job seeker, but let's hope you find something that inspires you to hit the pavement next week with confidence. Here we go, people.the ladders logo

7 Mistakes That Make Your Professional Resume – And You – Look Old

Let's start with something practical. Things move pretty fast in the business world and your agility in learning new skills and mastering emerging technology extends to your resume and LinkedIn profile. The Ladders details seven candidate-killing errors you might be making and how to fix them.

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INSTANT MBA: Here's How A CEO Evaluates Job Candidates On Social Media

While we're on the subject of staying current, don't forget to keep your social profiles up-to-date (and free of scandalous material). Business Insider has the story of one CEO who details just how much he digs up about potential candidates from their social footprint. He says the cover letter/resume combo doesn't paint "the complete picture offered by social media." Yikes! Better delete those beer pong pictures, stat!

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25 Questions to Ask in an Informational Interview

The key to your next gig is often a result of great relationships built through smart networking. What better way to cultivate new relationships than the informational interview, the secret weapon of a savvy job search strategy? One of the best ways to prepare is to come armed with questions. Come Recommended gives you 25 for starters. Now, all you have to do is set up the meeting.

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Digital Resume Illustrates Qualifications with Flashy GIFs

And now for something completely different...and awesome. Yes, PSFK discovered the GIF resume, an eye-popping listing of designer Ivan Basurto D.'s skills and qualifications. Hosted on a Tumblr blog, this daring approach isn't for everyone, but definitely packs a digital punch. Proceed with caution.

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31 Things That Happen When You Look For A Job

Finally, the greatest thing I saw this week that captures the highs, lows and body blows of job search was this ridiculously amazing photo essay from BuzzFeed. Serving as stunt double for just about every job seeker, Salem the Cat from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch acutely feels your pain. Meow!

Let's hope your week on the job hunt was fruitful and productive. Please share YOUR hits, misses, wins and losses in comments. Have an excellent weekend and take the time to relax and recharge. Monday is coming fast. See you next week.

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