The Weekly Countdown: 5 Articles To Inspire All Job Seekers

Coworkers Giving High-Five
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How do you define a successful week when you're looking for work? Is it job leads, interviews, or maybe new LinkedIn connections? Job search is never easy and success is hard to quantify unless you've got an offer. Sometimes you make big strides, other days it is baby steps. If you know you made good use of every day and gave it everything you had, then that's as good a yardstick as any. Some weeks are harder than others, but always keep building and keep moving forward.

My inbox was jam-packed this week with great ideas and innovative approaches to the job hunt. Here are five worth sharing. Take what you need. Not every idea works for every job seeker, but let's hope you find something that inspires you to hit the pavement next week with confidence. Here we go, people.