Fall Out Bird Cheats And Tips

There are countless Flappy Bird clones on both the iOS and Android app stores, but few stand out. With Fall Out Bird, the band Fall Out Boy added its likenesses to a rock-themed game where you guide its members past guitar posts while listening to the group's latest hit song, Young Volcanoes, free-of-charge.

Most of these clones lack music, so that's a welcome addition to the usual tap-tap experience. That aside, here are some tips to help you achieve a high score.

Take it Easy with Your Flaps

Thanks to the team at Mass Threat, Fall Out Bird is one of the better-playing Flappy Bird clones on the market. The game responds well to your screen taps, so you should be able to get one of the four band members through the guitar gates. Get used to the timing with your taps, and you should clear several gates. Just be careful - one touch of the posts and your current run will end.

Guitar Posts are Your Friends

Guitar posts in Fall Out Bird provide a small advantage. The edges aren't nearly as treacherous like the pipes in Flappy Bird. As a result, you'll have a little extra room. Use this to your advantage and try to go through the posts at an angle, and you should be able to proceed with few problems. Just don't hit the edge of the posts.

No One Character has an Advantage

Fans of Fall Out Boy are probably wondering how they can take control of their favorite band member in the game. Well, the truth is, you can't. Characters are selected at random. Fortunately, there are no advantages for each character, as they all play the same. You should have no problem taking control and racking up a high score.

Don't Forget the Leaderboards

The game does feature interactive leaderboards, so you can see how well you fare against others. Thus far, it looks like the top players are in the 1,000+ plus range, and while it'll take you a while to get there, that's certainly an attainable goal. Just keep practicing and you'll flap your way to success in no time.

You'll get Sick of the Song

One of the bigger downfalls to Fall Out Bird is the one song - Fall Out Boy's latest single, Young Volcanoes. It's hard to complain about this, since the game is a free promotional tie-in with the single. Still, if you want to avoid repetition, hit the volume switch. You won't miss much in the way of sound effects, and you can listen to better Fall Out Boy tunes, like The Phoenix, instead.

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