'The Bachelor': 6 Travel Dates Juan Pablo Should Seriously Consider

ABC via Getty ImagesJuan Pablo's took Renee to Sarasota, Florida earlier in season 18 of The Bachelor. He can do better (destination-wise anyway).
While The Bachelor's contestants insist the show is about being "vulnerable," "ready for love" and a perennial "good sport," the rest of us know it's all about escape­ -- escape from social norms, from conventional rules of courtship and from sanity. And it's also about escape to exotic places. Travel always has been a reliable way to boost the show's drama, but with this year's Bachelor being the most international to date, we thought of a few ways Juan Pablo Galavis could turn the exploration factor up to diez.

1. Obligatory Hot Air Balloon Date: Cappadocia, Turkey

Located in Central Turkey, Cappadocia boasts one of the most out-there landscapes in the world and is also a ballooning hot spot. Juan Pablo and an eager interior designer coast through the region's otherworldly valleys, past ancient cave houses and protruding fairy-chimney rock formations. After all of that geological innuendo, the date ends innocently with a private concert in a centuries-old Goreme cavern by a recognizable yet inoffensive artist. Merhaba Josh Groban.

Painfully cheesy The Bachelor date-card clue: This date should be a breeze ;)

2. Obligatory Daredevil Date: Cape Town, South Africa

As entertainingly teary as these dates usually are, imagine the waterworks that would result from attempting the world's highest commercial bungee jump off Bloukrans Bridge, dodging 30-foot waves at Dungeons surf break or cowering behind a thin metal barrier as passing great white sharks look to turn the water rose red. Top it all off with a sunset glass of Pinotage and a serenade on Table Mountain (perhaps from Josh Groban?), and you've got yourself a date for the ages.

Painfully cheesy The Bachelor date-card clue: I got us a private table ;)

3. Obligatory Photo Shoot Group Date: Grand Canyon, Arizona

Long ago The Bachelor's producers decided photoshoots were the cornerstones of successful romance, but it's time for a change in scenery. Cue snapshots on a plateau in the middle of the most mesmerizing location in the United States. Just picture the bachelorettes trying to outshine not only each other, but also the stunning vistas and dynamic landscapes that seem to be just throwing themselves at Juan Pablo. Seriously Grand Canyon, you don't need to be so dramatic and awe-inspiring to get him to notice you. Talk about attention-seeking.

Painfully cheesy The Bachelor date-card clue: Things will get grand in a flash ;)

4. Obligatory Super-Formal Date: Sydney Opera House, Australia

A limousine pulls past Circular Quay, cruises along the sparkling harbor and stops in front of the indelible white sail arches of the Sydney Opera House. The bachelor and a lucky nutritionist, dressed to the nines of course, head inside where none other than Josh Groban plays an entire four songs just for them. After a nighttime cruise drops the pair off in Darling Harbor for a charmingly scripted Juan Pablo quip about being there with his darling, JP's date accepts a rose hanging from a kangaroo's pouch in Wildlife World. G'day, soulmate.

Painfully cheesy The Bachelor date-card clue: Dress to impress. We're taking it to the house ;)

5. Obligatory Tropical Sunset Date: Maho Beach, St. Maarten

Maho's prime view of the setting sun provides the perfect locale for Juany-P and a lucky hairstylist to do some serious towel cuddling. What's the catch? The beach is conveniently situated 15 feet from Princess Juliana International Airport's main runway. Watching Juan attempt to shriek sweet nothings over the roar of a landing 747 would be reality TV gold. After engine exhaust blows the rose from his extended hand into the ocean, would she brave the fumes and the barrage of airborne sand to chase after it? This is why we watch, people!

Painfully cheesy The Bachelor date-card clue: Get ready for some plane good fun ;)

6. Obligatory Second Soccer Date: Rio De Janeiro

Futbol is JP's passion, so let's see how his footwork holds up at the home of the World Cup rather than the LA Galaxy. Smash cut to a bubbly dental hygienist cheering from Maracana Stadium's blue and yellow seats as Brazil's national team runs circles around a winded Juan Pablo. No trip to Rio is complete though without a visit to iconic Sugar Loaf Mountain... Wait, did the cable car just stop midway through its ascent? Who brought this picnic basket with a make-your-own-churrascaria kit? Is that Josh Groban playing in the cable car across the chasm? On the mountain, Chris Harrison looks on through a public telescope. Havaianas on his feet, caipirinha in his hand, he cracks a sly smile. My work is done for tonight, Juan Pablo. You can say "obrigado" later.

Painfully cheesy The Bachelor date-card clue: You'll get a real kick out of this ;)

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