Former "Mob Wives" Star Sues Makers of GTA 5

Lindsay Lohan isn't the only one getting in on the GTA 5 lawsuit action. PlayStation Gang reports that Karen Gravano, former star of VH1 show "Mob Wives" and daughter of Gambino crime boss Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano, is suing Rockstar to the tune of $40 million for illegally imitating her life story.

Gravano claims that Antonia Bottino, a character in a side mission in GTA 5 (pictured above), is based on her without consent or permission. In GTA 5, Bottino is the daughter of former Gambetti crime boss Sammy Bottino, who was formerly a Mafia boss but eventually turned into an informant-just like the real-life Salvatore Gravano.

In the game, Antonia Bottino is encountered randomly by the player, where she is tied up and about to be buried alive. She is then rescued by the player and driven to Vinewood Hills. On the way, she recounts bits and pieces of her life story-"moving around safehouses in rat-hole hick towns where no one comes looking"-before the player drops her off at a safehouse in Vinewood Hills.

Do you think Karen Gravano has a case, or that she deserves to be compensated? Let us know in the comments. [h/t PlayStation Gang]

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