ACR Drift Tips and Cheats

If you're a fan of racing games, ACR Drift is up to speed. In this free-to-play iPhone and iPad game, you'll compete against different racers throughout the world, timing your drifts and boosts perfectly to beat them to the finish line. What the game lacks in real-time steering, it makes up for with simplistic controls and plenty of cool unlockables.

Hit the gas and dominate the racing world with these beginner's tips

How do I achieve a perfect start in ACR Drift?

Before starting a race, you'll have the ability to rev down on a gas pedal to intimidate your opponent and get a perfect start coming out of the gate, with just the right amount of speed.
To get the perfect start, simply rev enough so the arrow goes into the blue sections of the odometer. You'll know you're in the right area as a green light will appear. Just don't go into the red, or you'll end up getting a poor start.

Try to rev enough so that you balance within the blue area, and once the countdown ends, you'll be on your way.

How do I drift in ACR Drift?

It's all about timing. You'll see arrows pointing which way you need to swipe, with a solid white line appearing before them. Try to wait for the front wheels of your car to pass over this line before you perform the drift. The closer you are to this point, the better the drift will be, and the more speed you'll be able to retain in the process.

For good measure, keep in mind you can also chain drifts together. If you're drifting and cross over another point with arrows and a solid white line, you can swipe and keep the drift going. Again, watch for when your tires pass over the line, then perform the action.

How do I avoid cars in ACR Drift?

During some races - the Limited Events in particular - you'll see other traffic on the road, which could spell trouble if you run into it. Thankfully, these cars are easy to avoid. Just swipe left or right on the screen to change lanes and let them pass. However, keep an eye on your opponent. If he or she occupies a lane, they won't budge, and you'll have to move to the other open lane. Trying to ram them will result in an accident.

How do I earn three stars in ACR Drift?

Stars are awarded when you meet certain conditions for each race. Mainly, these boil down to completing the race in a certain time frame, avoiding crashes and not using any nitros. The more stars you earn, the more events you unlock. If you fail to unlock all three on your first run, you can always go back and try them again.

When's the best time to use nitro in ACR Drift?

You can activate nitro at any time by swiping upward on the screen, which will give you a temporary speed burst - just enough to win the race in some cases. It's best to save boosts for the tail end of a race, when the finish line is in your sights and you want to gain leverage on your opponent. However, if you're running behind or you just want to get it out of the way early, you can set it off beforehand.

Try to save it, though. You'll earn an extra star in the process, and most of the early opponents are easy to beat if you time your drifts just right.

How can I upgrade cars in ACR Drift?

Stop by the upgrade shop and you'll be able to get new parts, such as improvements to your transmission, spring, turbo and engine. These usually cost a lot of silver coins, which you earn over the course of the race, but you can also use gold coins to buy them, earned by leveling up or unlocked via in-app purchase. Shop around and find the parts that work best for you.

How do I buy new cars in ACR Drift?

Stop by the dealer. He'll have a variety of cars to offer from different auto makers, including Ford, Mini, Hyundai and others. Some will unlock as you level up in the game, but some of the early offerings, like the VW Beetle 2.0 TSI and Mini Cooper '06, aren't bad. Note: you'll need a lot of gold coins to get the premium rides, so expect to pay a pretty penny in real cash.

Do I need to pay for anything in ACR Drift?

Eventually. You'll earn silver and gold coins throughout, but costlier cars and upgrades will require an in-app purchase. Gold coins vary, ranging from $2.99 for 300 to $99.99 for 16,500. It's optional, but will save you some time if you want the sleeker rides.

With each race you complete, you take a notch off a gas meter at the top of the screen. You can either pay 100 gold coins to refill it right away - a rip-off, if you ask us - or log in to Facebook to earn a free fill-up. The best option, though, is to just wait it out. It refills over time, and you'll be able to get back in the race.

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