Behind-The-Scenes Jobs Of The Academy Awards

Oscar statue

For most people Oscar night is a time to kick back and relax, to place bets on the winners and debate which of the losers was robbed, to take in the elaborate dresses, and to cringe internally as the orchestra cuts off acceptance speeches with cheerful abandon. But for a small army of professionals working in the entertainment industry, Oscar night is a job like any other, with the same slip-ups and technical issues that are common occurrences in the world of live television.

Sure, you have your directors and screenwriters, the creative masterminds celebrated by the show itself. But then you have the other, less glamorous but equally important jobs, the ones without which there would be no show at all. And while there will probably never be an award for Best Teleprompter Operator, well, maybe there should be. We've rounded up some of the essential jobs of the Oscars, so that they too can get their moment in the spotlight.