Clash of Clans Cheats: Dark Elixir Troops and Heroes Guide

There will come a point in your Clash of Clans campaign where Gold and Elixir won't be the only two resources you'll have to worry about. Dark Elixir will be the key to really powerful troops.
Currently there are five Dark Elixir troops you can train and recruit, and two extremely powerful Hero units.


Minion - Attack: Ground & Air / Cost: 6 Dark Elixir / Housing Space: 2

Minions are the most basic of Dark Elixir units. Cheap and dispensible, though they do come with some sweet benefits. They can fly, making ground based weapons useless against them, and Seeking Air Mines can't target them. They're also perfect for setting off Giant Bombs without being affected by them.

However, Wizard Towers are a Minion's worst enemy as they do a ton of splash damage, being able to take out a bunch of Minions at once.

Hog Rider - Attack: Ground / Cost: 40 Dark Elixir / Housing Space: 5

Quite possibly one of the best units offensively, since they can jump over walls. Seriously, any walls! In the later game, you'll notice that a lot of other players will use Hog Riders almost exclusively. The only downside is the amount of Dark Elixir required makes it hard to perform a Barbarian Rush styled attack. Thanks to the Hog Riders exceptional health and strength, they can also be utilized in place of Giants.

Valkyrie - Attack: Ground (Splash) / Cost: 70 Dark Elixir / Housing Space: 11

These giant, two-handed axe wielding maidens do in incredible amount of damage, and are best used against other Hero units. When on the offensive, dropping Valkyries near other Hero units or Clan Castle troops will make quick work of them, thanks to splash damage. They also have high health, making them great tanks.

Valkyries however should never be placed in clumps near the Wizard Tower as they can deal some pretty nasty splash damage to them, and take them out prematurely...

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