Microsoft Tries And Fails To Hide Disappointing Xbox 1 Sales

Although Microsoft has previously announced Xbox One North American sales figures for November and December 2013, the company has decided to withhold that info for January 2014. Luckily for us, the company has forgotten a little clue in the press release allowing us to find out the hidden number.

"Comparatively, Xbox One consoles have sold at a rate of 2.29 times faster than Xbox 360 in the U.S. in the same time frame for the first three months on the market," the press release reads.

According to the NPD Group, Xbox 360 has sold 326,000 units in November 2005, 274,000 units in December 2005 and 250,000 units in January 2006. This adds up to 850,000 Xbox 360 units sold during its first three months in USA. By multiplying that number by the aforementioned 2.29, we find that Xbox One has sold 1,946,500 units in USA by the end of January 2014.

The last piece of the puzzle is subtracting Xbox One's November and December sales. Fortunately, Microsoft has already revealed that figure last month to be 1,817,132 units. This final subtraction reveals that Xbox One has sold about 129,368 units in USA in January 2014.

If this number is correct, it represents a catastrophic drop from December 2014's 908,000 Xbox One sales figure. It is also nearly half the 250,000 Xbox 360 units sold in January 2006.

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