Infection: Human Race Extinction Cheats And Tips

Infection: Human Race Extinction tasks you with wiping out the world's population with a special type of disease, using traits and other means of spreading the bug while preventing scientists from developing a cure. It can be a tricky game to learn, but once you get the hang of it, it's quite cool.

Here are some tips that'll help you spread all those nasty germs.

How do diseases work in Infection: Human Race Extinction?

When you first get started and name your disease, you'll begin as a basic Bacteria with no special advantage or disadvantage. As time goes on, however, you'll create tougher strains, such as Virus, Fungus, Prion, Protozoa and Worm. Each one has certain advantages that will help spread the disease quicker, such as the Virus' higher probability of random mutations and Prion's less infections and more lethal ways. The more you progress in your game, the stronger it becomes.

What difficulty should I choose in Infection: Human Race Extinction?

It's a safe bet to start on easy. This allows you to spread a disease quicker without those pesky scientists getting in the way. As you progress, you can move up to normal and eventually hard.

How do evolutions work in Infection: Human Race Extinction?

Evolutions allow you to spread things around through Airports, Cysts, LandBoarders, Foreigners and LethalityBoost, among others. These include an increase in percentage of a plane getting infected, ports and airports more likely to close, and countries starting with more infected people.

These can be earned in the game over time, or bought through in-app purchase for $0.99 apiece.

How do I keep track of my disease's progress in Infection: Human Race Extinction?

Click on the World tab on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You'll be able to see how many casualties and infections you have, and the overall progress for each individual country. This is good to keep tabs on, in case a particular science team is hard at work on a cure.

How do transmissions work in Infected: Human Race Extinction?

These are traits that help with the overall growth of your disease, divided into seven categories: Cattle, Rat, Water, Pigeon, Mosquito, Blood and Air. Despite the potential of animals spreading things around, your best bets are Air and Water. The faster you fill them, the more guaranteed the populace's infection becomes.

These can be bought with DNA points. You'll start with 30, but accumulate more over the course of the game.

How do symptoms work in Infected: Human Race Extinction?

These are telltale signs of how severe the disease will become. You have Nausea, Sneezing, Perspiration and Coughing. Increasing these will make them more effective, but if they become too strong, people may begin working on a possible cure for the symptoms. Take your time in building these.

You'll need to use DNA points here as well, but make sure you spend them on transmissions first. They're the most vital. If you want to get symptoms, go with Cough and Perspiration.

How do resistances work in Infected: Human Race Extinction?

These will open up new vectors to infect people. At the start, you'll be able to choose from five: Heat Resistance, which spreads more quickly in hot temperatures; Cold Resistance, which occupies colder areas; Natural Complexity, which decreases overall research speed; Drug Resistance, which makes healthcare less effective than usual; and Gene Obfuscation, which requires more effort from scientists to get a cure.

Resistances are just as important as Transmissions, so save some DNA points for those. Although the others sound tempting, stick with Natural Complexity and gene Obfuscation. They're the most powerful.

What countries should I destroy first in Infected: Human Race Extinction?

Large population areas can take a while to infect, so stick with smaller, heavily populated locations, like portions of South America. If you play your cards right, eventually the disease will spread into larger areas and eventually infect them, but it's best to start small and get bigger.

How do I make progress in Infected: Human Race Extinction?

Keep a close eye on your overall map. You can zoom in if you'd like, but stay zoomed out as often as you can. Once bubbles appear on the grid, pop them as soon as you can, and you'll see your disease make more head-way. Again, the more progress you make, the more DNA points you earn - and the sicker the world becomes.

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