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It's Monday, and that means one thing: it's time for another thrilling installment of Cool Jobs, our recurring feature where we round up the ten coolest, craziest job openings of the week. If you're looking for a new gig, you know just how hard it is to separate the wheat from the chaff, and find the opportunities that get you excited about the prospect of coming into an office every day. But these jobs prove that "office" doesn't necessarily mean a row of faceless cubicles. It can also be a recording studio, or a carnival...or a haunted jail, for that matter. Let's take a look.
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1. Audio Engineer

What it is: When you think of the crew of a TV show, you probably picture a bunch of burly men hoisting cameras and running electrical cables. You probably don't think of someone sitting quietly behind a mixing console, moving the faders in time with the action onscreen. With that in mind, you might be surprised to learn that audio is just as important a part of the picture as, well, the picture itself. As a freelance audio engineer at Sinclair Broadcast Group, you'll get to experience the excitement of mixing a live event, and get your foot in the door of a highly competitive field.

Who it's for: People who hear the word "cardio" and think of microphones

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2. Animal Husbandry

What it is: No, that doesn't mean serving as a matchmaker for cows and chickens. Animal husbandry is the management and care of farm animals, from feeding and cleaning to conducting routine health monitoring. It's a truly ancient job, but it's gotten a high-tech boost lately with electronic record systems for keeping track of livestock. Sound interesting? Step right up and say "I do."

Who it's for: Devoted (animal) husbands

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3. Community Companion

What it is: Here's another animal-oriented job, but with an entirely different bent. Ohio's Hattie Larlham Constant Companions provides day programming for individuals with disabilities, assisting with personal care, interpersonal relationships, and other services--all while allowing participants to engage with animals. The program has seven cats, birds, and fish, but the ideal candidate is someone who's equally comfortable working with individuals with developmental disabilities.

Who it's for: Cool people

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4. Carnival Attendant

What it is: Don't say "carny." The term's been considered politically incorrect for years. In reality, being an amusement park worker is closer to being a roadie with a touring band--except instead of setting up guitars and amplifiers, you'll be erecting Ferris wheels and haunted houses. This particular gig involves a significant amount of Michigan-based travel, so if you're from the area this is a great chance to do some bonding with your home state.

Who it's for: World champions of the milk bottle game

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5. Pet Food Senior Process Engineer

What it is: You might not find the stuff your cat eats all that appetizing...but as long your cat does, that means somebody's doing something right. Chalk it up to the engineers of the pet food industry, who develop wet and dry products with the same care that goes into their human-intended counterparts. But don't worry: you probably won't be sampling the food yourself. That's a different job.

Who it's for: Gourmands in touch with their inner kitten

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6. DJ/Radio Announcer

What it is: Everyone remembers the radio voices of their youth: funny, confident voices that were equally engaging whether they were introducing a Beatles track or just reading the daily traffic report. Well, now's your chance to add your own unique voice to the mix. California's NBS Radio is staffing up hosts and DJs for a range of formats, with an opportunity to produce shows in your free time. Good morning, flexibility!

Who it's for: Part-timers with great record collections

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7. Butcher

What it is: Do you know the difference between a skirt steak and a London broil? When you look at a pig, do you break it down into a mental diagram of cuts and recipes? Also, do you live in (or want to live in) Las Vegas? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be a great candidate for this particular job opening. Being a butcher might be grisly work, but food's gotta come from somewhere, right? You think those delicious short ribs grow on trees? Thank a butcher today--or become one yourself!

Who it's for: People who can use the word "vivisection" without sounding creepy

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8. Dance/Cheer Instructor

What it is: You know what more offices could use? Pom-poms. This opening for a cheerleading instructor requires boundless energy and plenty of experience with dance and choreography. You'll also need to have a deep knowledge of "stunting"--you know, getting a crowd of 12-year-old girls to form a human pyramid. Never the easiest task.

Who it's for: A-W-E-S-O-M-E teachers

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Robots in the Tesla Factory manufacturing line

9. Software Engineer (Robot Movement)

What it is: That's right: we found a robot job. They may be the kinds of robots that put things in boxes, or help with shipping needs, but still: robots. And not just a few robots. This opening, currently seeking college grads with a math or computer science degree, promises hands-on work with "hundreds of autonomous mobile robots and sophisticated control software." Yes, you heard right. Hundreds. Of autonomous. Mobile. Robots. Get your applications in quickly!

Who it's for: Shipping experts, Short Circuit fans

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10. Ghost Host

What it is: The Old Jail in Saint Augustine, Florida is listed on the National Register of Haunted Places, and is allegedly the site of numerous supernatural occurrences. That's why, rather than letting the curious wander its fabled corridors, Historic Tours of America has hired expert hosts to guide them on their way. But you've got to be a fearless storyteller too, capable of rendering local history exciting for large groups of people. And be ready to deal with any unexpected apparitions.

Who it's for: Ghostbusters with better people skills than Bill Murray

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