16 Respectable Jobs That Pay $90K Or More

Manager and two manual workers looking at plans in factory
Getty ImagesConstruction manager with two workers.

By Jada A. Graves

In some professions, making ends meet will be easier. From our list of the 100 Best Jobs, here are occupations that offer an average salary of $90,000 or more.

1. Physician
Average Salary
: $191,520
Not all M.D.s are rolling in dough, but most aren't strapped for cash, either. Pay varies by specialty, experience, location and even personality, and the seesaw stretches from orthopedic surgeons (at the high end with a median salary of $428,361 in 2012, according to salary.com), down to pediatricians (who the BLS reports earned a median salary of $154,650 in 2012). Internists, doctors who diagnose and provide nonsurgical treatment for internal organs, earned an average salary of $191,520, according to the BLS.

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2. Dentist
Average Salary
: $163,240
Dentist consistently ranks well among our Best Jobs. Partly due to a low unemployment rate. Partly due to projected growth this decade. And definitely due to an impressive salary. The BLS reports those who diagnose and treat oral problems earned an average salary of $163,240 in 2012, but pay fluctuates based on experience, location, specialty and hours worked. The highest-paid work in Nashua, N.H., and Tyler, Texas.

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