These WhatsApp Employees Are Set For Life

APJan Koum, 38, co- founder of WhatsApp

By Alyson Shontell

When WhatsApp was acquired a few days ago for $19 billion, it had a fairly small team.

Of the 55 people who work for WhatsApp, 32 of them are engineers. The rest mostly handle customer support.

We rounded up some of the earliest WhatsApp's employees on LinkedIn. These people are responsible for creating the fastest-growing social network ever. Every month, 450 million people use WhatsApp.

Many of the early employees were former Yahooers, just like WhatsApp co-founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton.

Which employees did we miss? Leave the names in the comments.

Meet 15 of the First WhatsApp Employees--Many of Whom Are Set For life
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These WhatsApp Employees Are Set For Life

Co-founded WhatsApp in February 2009
Role: CEO and "Senior Tweet Manager"
Previous Job: Infrastructure Engineering for Yahoo

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Joined WhatsApp: March 2009 - August 2009
Role: Marketing/PR Coordinator
Current Job: Platform Account Manager at Google
Kung was a former Yahoo investor-turned-angel investor who started advising WhatsApp in March 2009. His LinkedIn profile says he's "semi-retired." Maybe now he'll be fully retired.
Joined WhatsApp: October 2009 - April 2013
Role: Engineer
Current Job: Engineer at Touchpoint Restaurant Innovations
Co-founded WhatsApp in November 2009
Role: Co-founder
Previous Job: VP of Engineering at Yahoo

Joined WhatsApp: June 2010 - Present
Role: Mobile app developer
Previous Job: Senior Software Engineer, QVT

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Joined WhatsApp: June 2010 - July 2011
Role: Android Developer
Current Job: Software engineer, Facebook
Joined WhatsApp: November 2010 - Present
Role: Software Engineer
Previous Job: Yahoo
Joined WhatsApp: March 2011 - Present
Role: Customer Support
Previous Job: Translator, MyGengo
Joined WhatsApp: June 2011 - Present
Role: "Deputy Prime Minister for Throughput"
Previous Job: Engineer, Yahoo
Joined WhatsApp: October 2011 - Present
Role: Software Engineer
Previous Job: Engineer, Cobham Analytic Solutions
Joined WhatsApp: November 2011 - Present
Role: "Business Guy"
Previous Job: Google
Joined WhatsApp: November 2011 - Present
Role: Software engineer
Previous job: Software engineer, Microsoft
Joined WhatsApp: December 2011 - Present
Role: Server Software Engineer
Previous Job: Principal Software Engineer, Yahoo

Goetz first invested in WhatsApp in 2011. He also led a $50 millions Series C round in WhatsApp and is on the company's board. He was with the founders when they signed the $19 billion Facebook deal.

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