Fright Fight Cheats And Tips For iPhone And iPad

Fans of the Super Smash Bros. games in search of something similar on mobile are in luck. APPSolute Games' Fright Fight delivers fun multiplayer brawling, but with full online compatibility, so you can beat up friends and new players on the go. The game features four different Halloween-based characters to choose from, including a witch, a werewolf and a Grim Reaper-style combatant; more can be unlocked over the course of the game.

On that note, get punching with these Fright Fight tips.

How do the controls work in Fright Fight?

The general controls are easy to get the hang of. You maneuver your character around the platform by holding down on the touch screen in the area you want to move to. You can also make them jump to higher platforms by swiping up, while moving them left or right if they're moving at an angle. Finally, to attack, just tap the screen in the direction your enemy is facing.

How do I unleash combos in Fright Fight?

Combos are a great way to chip off an enemy's health, as you land successive hits. At first, you only start with one basic combo, but over time, you can unlock others through the Skills and Traits screen, along with other moves. It'll take a while to get there - you earn money through online fights, or you can buy it separately - but soon enough, you'll turn into a fighting machine.

How do I use the Rage meter in Fright Fight?

The rage meter fills automatically with each hit, so keep attacking! The more it fills, the more powerful you'll become, which allows you to defeat opponents much quicker - and perhaps even knock them off the edge for another notch in the win column. Try to corner them whenever you can.

Which character should I use in Fright Fight?

Each of the four available characters are good to play with, but personally, the Grim Reaper has great range and combos that you can use. The werewolf, meanwhile, is quick if you want to get around and strike enemies in a hurry, and the witch can do tons of damage. Try them all and see which works best for you.

What skills and traits can I unlock in Fright Fight?

There are different skills you can get for each character, but they usually divide into a certain number of areas, including speed, reach, strength and increased combos. You'll have to work on these a bit, as some areas of improvement won't unlock until you've fought enough to increase your overall level. Keep at it, and then check out what the upgrades have to offer, and how they fit into your fighting style.

You can unlock upgrades using coins won in battle, or through an in-app purchase. Some cost more than others, but they make a difference when it comes to being a better fighter overall. Shop around before you decide to make a purchase.

Do I need to pay for anything in Fright Fight?

Technically, you don't have to, as you'll earn coins from each battle. However, some of the key upgrades that will make you stronger cost quite a bit, so serious fans may consider an investment just to move along. Coins vary in cost, ranging from $4.99 for 7,500 to $29.99 for 250,000. Wait until you see how the game fares before you make a purchase, however - online is the only option right now, and sometimes Fright Fight has trouble connecting.

You can also buy a Double XP boost for a week ($3.99) or a month ($9.99), as well as unlock additional categories for other boosts that appear over the course of the game. We suggest waiting until the online audience picks up.

How do I unlock additional characters and gear in Fright Fight?

They haven't been added to the game yet, but they'll come soon with an update from APPSolute Games - along with local play, so you can fight others through Bluetooth connection.

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