Max Axe Cheats And Tips For iPhone, iPad And Android

Max Axe is a unique endless running game. Instead of controlling the character, you control the path of axes that he throws. You'll need to throw them in order to collect coins and other bonuses on the road, as well as enemies along the way. That said, you won't have an axe to grind so long as you follow these tips.

How do I throw axes in Max Axe?

All you need to do is draw the route that you want your axe to go. For example, if you want to collect a string of coins in a row, draw a line over the coins and the axe will pick them up. You'll also need to fling some at enemies before they come into contact with Max, or your run is over.

How do I collect combos in Max Axe?

Chain together both coin collections and monsters in one run. You can only throw the axe so far, but if there are several coins and enemies in the same proximity, you can draw its route to hit everything at once. The more it hits and picks up, the higher the combo count, and the more coins you receive.

How do I collect additional coins in Max Axe?

Along with hitting enemies and collecting coins, you'll also be treated to showers of loot. Quickly pick up the coins before they disappear.

In addition, you can strike items in the environment, including bushes and stacks of wood, to reveal hidden bonuses. Don't bother trying with rocks, though. Hitting them with the axe will simply make them mad, and they'll come after Max and finish his run.

Can I throw more than one axe in Max Axe?

Yep, you can throw multiple axes at a time. In some situations, it's important that you do this because of multiple enemies getting in the way. Try to focus on your throws and make them count.

How do I level up in Max Axe?

You do this by meeting objectives in the game, such as completing a number of runs, killing a certain amount of enemies or collecting coins. By unlocking these, you'll gain access to new abilities and items that will help you.

What power-ups are available in Max Axe?

There are several to choose from.

First up is Health. This is essentially a helmet that allows you to take a hit during your run without stopping it. It begins with the Rusty Bucket, but can be powered up all the way through the King's Crown.

Next up is Damage. This strengthens your axe over the course of your run, allowing you to take down tougher or shielded enemies with ease. You'll start with the Throwing Hatchet and work your way up.
Axe Speed is up next, and it's exactly as it sounds, allowing you to increase the velocity of your throws. You can also improve Axe Range as well, expanding how far you can throw them.

Finally, Magnet helps you draw coins close to your character. This is very useful when it comes to coin showers, as you'll really clean up when they rain down.

Do I need to pay for anything in Max Axe?

Only if you want the elite power-ups right away. To unlock achievements or buy certain abilities, you'll need coins, which you either earn in-game or pay for with real cash. Coins vary from $0.99 for 25,000 to $24.99 for five million. A coin doubler can also be unlocked for $4.99.

Rez hearts can also be purchased. These allow you to continue your run after Max is killed. You can buy five for $0.99, or up to 1,000 for $24.99.

Don't forget to check out the Free Stuff page as well, as you can earn bonus coins and Rez hearts by completing certain actions, such as signing on to Facebook or viewing videos.

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