The Weekly Countdown: 5 Articles All Job Seekers Should Read

Five articles all job seekers must read
Some weeks you just can't win. It starts out bad and gets worse. Job leads disappear. Sure things crumble. Emails go unanswered. Interviews go badly. The clock is ticking. Then, self doubt rushes in and your mind starts spinning. Here we go! I am under-qualified. I am over-qualified. Too young. Too old. My resume sucks. I can't write a cover letter to save my life. All my haters are right. I am truly a loser. I will never work again.

Stop. Stop. STOP!!Yes, job search can be a lonely, miserable time. Yes, your self-esteem and wallet suffer. Yes, you want to scream and shout and blame everyone.


Only YOU can take charge of your job search. Don't let rejection define you. Don't listen to all the chatter. Make a choice to put all that negative noise in a box, close the lid, tape it shut and put it on the shelf. It will be there waiting for you...if you choose to take it back down.

Here are five great articles I read this past week that can help you defeat the crippling doubt and move with passion and purpose toward your next gig.

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Here's What's Really Holding You Back From Your Dream Career

Could your choices be holding you back from the perfect job? Brazen Careerist suggests, "You can decide to choose differently" and really go after the life that matters to you. It takes guts to make your own decisions and not follow the crowd, but the rewards of creating the authentic life you really want could be far greater.

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How to Pursue a Career That Makes You Proud

Most of us enter the workforce with the desire for a steady paycheck and vague goals of career satisfaction. But what is real job satisfaction? Mashable offers up five tips to optimize your career trajectory and define your own success. By "following your heart, gut and long-term goals, you're more likely to find yourself on a career path that fills you with pride."

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The Heart and Soul of the Job Search

Social-Hire takes a crucial look at one of the most important steps in building a resume and prepping for interviews. Do you really understand the value you bring and can you clearly articulate that? If not, follow their very simple process on how to define and convey your awesomeness. Learn how to tell YOUR story.

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The Secret to Being the Perfect Employee

The Daily Muse lets you in on a little secret about perfection. Perfectionism "can be surprisingly debilitating" and they suggest that imperfection is the new perfection. Say what? That's right. While the article focuses on job performance, this applies just as well to those on the job hunt. You will make mistakes. You will fail. The key is how you pick yourself back up and get back in the game.

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10 Things You Need To Know About Today's Job Search

Finally, our friends at Careerealism knock it out of the park (again). This week they've got a killer Slideshare presentation detailing ten cold hard facts all job seekers need to know about today's job market. There's good news and there's bad news. Embrace both the good and the bad and you will be way ahead of the game.

How do you bounce back from tough days? What's your remedy for rejection? I definitely want to hear your thoughts in comments. Now let's get back to finding the next big thing. Good luck and see you next week.
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